21 Arcane Facts That'll Dial Your Small Talk Game Up To 11

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We're in the thick of the lazy part of the year, when it's tempting to let your brain relax and get flabby. We're here to prevent that from happening, with a collection of completely true facts that are objectively interesting. And if these whet your appetite for article-length interestingness, there's a link to a related Cracked article under each image.


CRACKED COM INDIANA JONES ALMOST FOUGHT A CYBORG. The Nazi baddie in Raiders of the Lost Ark was first envisioned by Steven Spielberg as having a bionMore: 5 Movie Villains Who Were Unrecognizable At The Start


STEPPING ON LEGOS HURTS SO MUCH BECAUSE THEY'RE INDESTRUCTIBLE. A Lego brick is made of plastic SO tough that it can withstand about 950 pounds of preMore: 5 Annoying Things Your Body Does (Explained By Science)


THE SOPRANOS WAS RIDDLED WITH REAL CRIMINALS. Some actors who played gangsters in The Sopranos turned out to be the real stuff. Anthony Borgese, who pMore: 4 Celebrities Whose Fictional Crimes Turned Real


STIEG LARSSON TRAINED GUERRILLA FIGHTERS (MAYBE). Larsson penned the successful Millennium trilogy, but his true passion was leftist journalism and acMore: The 5 Weirdest Side Jobs Worked By Famous Authors


BINGE-WATCHING IS SCIENTIFICALLY A BAD IDEA. Binge-watching may be the way we consume entertainment now, but that doesn't make it a good way. AccordinMore: 5 Ways We Ruin Entertainment For Ourselves