Have you ever sat down, watched your favorite cartoon, then hear a character talk then thought, “Wait, that kinda sounds like… nah, it couldn't be.” Then after you pause the show and check your phone on IMDB, you found out your ears weren't playing a trick and you were right? That it was Kathy Bates?

The wonderful thing about animation is that it can bring in some surprising guest stars and celebrities to come in to do a voice with little fanfare, making it a fun reveal once you hear it in the theater or on your TV.

I mean, who knew that Rugrats and Die Hard had something in common? Or that a hardcore pro wrestler was on Avatar: The Last Airbender? Or that Butthead's dad was a late night talk show host?

Thanks to Cracked readers and Tomkat53, we have compiled 37 Pictofacts of some great voice acting cameos from over the years.

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