15 Movies That Obviously Know Nothing About Drugs & Alcohol

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Know what's hilarious? Those ridiculous, overwrought after-school-style specials cautioning teens about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. They're just so stupid. Know what's not hilarious? The fact that ultra-serious, earnest movies and shows spread even more inane misinformation about drugs and booze.

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Entry by PollyDarton

15 Movies That Obviously Know Nothing About Drugs & Alcohol

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

CRACKEDo In Eurotrip, Scotty drinks absinthe and begins to have hallucinations of a fairy. Scotty doesn't know that absinthe doesn't actually cause ha

Entry by PollyDarton

15 Movies That Obviously Know Nothing About Drugs & Alcohol

Entry by Maclise

Cops will never taste test cocaine by licking it not if they value their lives and jobs. Goodfellas (1990) Cocaine can potentially, if rarely, be cut

Entry by Hestutomo

In How I Met Your Mother, Lily and Robin discuss how different types of booze have different effects on their friends. The truth is, they all have the


In Pulp Fiction, Mia (Uma Thurman) ODs on heroin and goes into cardiac arrest. Vincent (John Travolta) plunges a syringe of adrenaline into her heart,

Entry by LAJL

Thanks to the James Bond franchise, everyone mistakenly thinks shaken, not stirred is the way to make a perfect martini. When a martini is. shaken,

Entry by masta_X

Marcus Burnett in Bad Boys 2, who becomer impotent from an injury accidentally ingests some ecstasy pills that restores his erection. However, ecstasy


At one point during Feari LATAING his drug rampage, AND Raoul Duke takes InLAS VEGAS adrenochrome stuff that is presented as a legendary strong psyche

Entry by Hestutomo

Sobering up is actually a lengthy process. In Blade Runner (1982), Deckard is sitting at his piano, nearly wasted, when he stumbles upon a picture and

Entry by Andrea Meno

In Meet the Parents, Greg chews nicotine gum like regular gum. CEY But you're supposed to just chew it lightly a few times, then leave it between your

Entry by Hestutomo

You can't win a drinking contest and be pretty sober. In Raiders of the Lost Ark, Marion Ravenwood's opponent passed out and yet she barely shows any


Alcoholonly Jcauseshallucinations aftepextremeintake. unlikelytha Dumbo would have immediate hallucinationsafter drinkingatrunk-and=a-halfof champagne

Entry by Andrea Meno

Unless you hit rock bottom, you can't start recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. Right? BASKETBALL CIARIEAS Nope. You see that in some movies, l


15 Movies That Obviously Know Nothing About Drugs & Alcohol