13 Bonkers Parents (Who Are Celebs)

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Most people probably think it'd be cool to have famous people for parents. We weren't sure, so we asked our readers to look into it. As it turns out, it'd actually be very weird, and packed with utterly bizarre parenting choices.

If you're still envious of the lives celebrity kids lead, allow us to present the following:

Entry by PookieJones

Mayim Bialik breastfed her son past the age of 3 years old. She thinks that children should have a say when it comes to deciding when to wean. CRACKED

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

Courtney Love used heroin while she was three weeks pregnant with her daughter Frances. She defended herself by claiming that she didn't know she was

Entry by sesu

Madonna has many rules for her children. No candy, no television and if yout re under fifteen, no cellphones for you! But perhaps the WORSt part is th

When Alicia Silverstone's son was little, she would pre-chew his food and spit it into his mouth like a bird. She says the practice is natural, and

Entry by AmyanBridi

After former Teen-Mom Farrah Abraham noticed her three- year-old daughter was developing a unibrow, she felt bad for her, and when waxing didn't wor

Entry by PollyDarton

When KIM KARDASHIAN was breastfeeding her son, Saint... K.K. would stick a milk carton and straw in her bra So that her very jealous older daughter, N

Entry by Sagar Parikh

ORN Katherine Heigl puts her baby to sleep by blaring noise from her TV. CRACKED COM

Entry by smrglss

CRACKED CON TOBEY MAGUIRE TREATS HIS KIDS LIKE ADULTS Maguire joins other celebrity parents (Jamie Lee Curtis, Helen Hunt, and Hank Azaria, to name a

Entry by LAJL

CRACKEDOON When Rod Stewart's daughters don't clean up after their dogs, he puts the poop under their car's seats.

Entry by Kristina Yong

Bethenny Frankel would often drink beer while she was nursing her daughter. As for her advice to other nursing moms, she says, Play your own game and

Entry by Andrea Meno

CRACKED.OON Tilda Swinton shared her bed with her twins when they were 11.

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

CRACKED COM Brad Pitt admitted that there were times when he had difficulty waking his children in the morning. His solution? Give each of his kids a

Entry by PollyDarton

Gisele Bundchen practiced something called elimination communication with her children. She did not use diapers, but instead left her infant children