20 'Natural' Things That Are Anything But

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People instinctively like the concept of "natural" almost as much as we dislike things that are "artificial" or "genetically engineered" or "monstrosities of science." But here's the thing. It turns out just about everything that we traditionally think of as "natural" has been tampered with -- sometimes utterly beyond recognition.

Not that the word "natural" wasn't meaningless in the first place. For example ...


CRACKEDc COM VAT ROOME The black olives we eat don't naturally occur. They're actually green olives that have been processed to hell and back. They're

Entry by John E.

The island of Flevopolder in the Netherlands didn't exist 100 years ago. Now home to 350 thousand people, Flevopolder is the world's largest artificia

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

The natural pollination OF vanilla orchids can only occur in Mexico because they need euglossine bees that are native to the country to complete the p

Entry by AmyanBridi

The burkeys that are cooked on Thanksgiving are not the wld ones you may be picturing. Broad breasted white turkeys are a special breed, made through

Entry by Sagar Parikh

CRACKED COM Fly Geyser in the Nevada Desert was created by a geothermic energy company's drilling. The water wasn't hot enough for their purposes, SO

Entry by Andrea Meno

CRACKED COM About 21% of Dutch territory used to be under the sea. 1300 1900-2000 The Dutch make new land by building a dike around a small patch of s


CRACKEDCO COM New York's Central Park was man-made. In fact, certain buildings in New York were built before the plans to K create the park were even

Entry by PollyDarton

A 2011 earthquake in Oklahoma was likely caused by Blackwel human activity. Ponca City1 Woodyrad. Enid Guthrie KLAHO Edmond Oklahom Sha Mooet Norman P

Think bananas are alb-natural? They're actually the result of thousands of years of selective breeding. The banana was an inedible pod of nasty seeds

Entry by YappyDoo

Yellowstone's Morning Glory Pool's yellow and green colors have been caused by humans throwing garbage, rocks, and coins into it. The activity has clo

Entry by CornishPlasty

CRACKEDOOM Most carrots were originally purple. Dutch farmers in the 17th century crossbred yellow and white wild carrots into the orange ones we eat

Entry by Hestutomo

Life doesn't give us lemons, our ancestors did. X DNA analysis from Southwest University revealed that lemon is the result of crossbreeding between ci

Entry by Hestutomo

Most pearls are not natural. They're cultured in oyster farms. Basically, farmers put small beads made from one oyster's shell in a live oyster. They

Entry by Andrea Meno

Wild pigs have camouflaged coats, not black. People bred pigs to be black (at least three separate times, on three continents). CRACKED COM

Entry by Maclise

Dogs don't naturally bark. CRACKED COM Wolves and wild dogs only bark in the wild when they're young. Humans bred selectively for the barking behavior

Entry by Hestutomo

The Scottish Highlands was once a thick forest. Deforestation that began long before the Romans arrived gave us the iconic view of a treeless plateau.

Entry by Maclise

Providence Canyon, one of Georgia's Seven Natural Wonders, isn't natural at all. The canyons were actually formed by faulty farming practices in the

Entry by Scott Laffey

Strawberries were once smaller than a thumbnail. Strawberries have been enjoyed for centuries, but originally they were so tiny and delicate that they

Entry by Sagar Parikh

CRACKED COM Domesticated goldfish were created from the fish on the right Russian carp) through selective breeding over hundreds of years- first in Ch

Entry by gicusudoru

Killer bees didn't exist prior to 1957. That's when queen African honey bees were brought to Brazil in an attempt to increase honey production. The Af