27 Celeb Heroic Deeds (People Don't Know About)

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Celebrities are on the receiving end of a pretty constant stream of admiration and adoration, which a lot of times feels unearned. The thing is, though, sometimes famous people surprise us with truly heroic acts that should actually earn them some undying admiration.

Acts like ...

Entry by Scott Laffey

BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH RISKED HIS OWN SAFETY TO PREVENT A ROBBERY. Late one night, the actor saw a bicycle delivery guy surrounded by some men. He stopp

Entry by Kristina Yong

Ryan Gosling once prevented a lady from having an accident in New York. The British journalist was looking the wrong way -. -while trying to cross the

Entry by PollyDarton

Rock Star TOAN TETT saved a 3-year-old boy from drowning in 1985. Jett spotted the kid face down in the ocean and jumped in, fully clothed, to rescue

Entry by Scott Laffey

CLINT EASTWOOD SAVED A MAN FROM CHOKING. The Oscar winner was at a party before a Pebble Beach golf event when tournament director Steve John began to

Entry by Andrea Meno

Over 11 year's, John Cena granted 500 wishes for the Make-a-W Foundation. W W ME 3S D AOVE MAKE MAKECA WISH (A That means he granted a wish about ever

Entry by Ann Jimenez

CRACKED In 2018, British rapper Stormzy launched a Cambridge scholarship for black students. The Stormzy Scholarship covers tuition and a maintenance

Entry by LAJL

While having a picnic by the River Tay in 1997, Gerard Butler jumped into the water to pull out 14-year-old Daniel Smith, who was drowning. Years late

Entry by Julioceg

Mark Harmon saved a teenager's life from a burning crash in Los Angeles, back in 1996. The teenager, whose name is Colin Specht, was trapped inside th


Tom Hardy apprehendeda moped thief, then saw to it that the thief got help When he saw two moped thieves get into a traffic accident, he detained one

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

76 Wolsr In 2003, xy TDY' Wrre country singer ANTLEY Garth Brooks, vou Key drd along with an unidentified 6EKA man, rescued pn two children (and a boa

Entry by YappyDoo

Chance the Rapper 3 raised $2.2 million with his non-profit organization, SoclalWorks, to be given as a donation to 20 public schools in chicago. The

CRACKEDG When Colin Farrell was in Toronto making a movie, he bummed a cigarette off a homeless guy named Dave. The two got to talking. Farrell stayed

Entry by PollyDarton

Personally touched by illiteracy from growing up in rural East Tennessee, olly Parton has given away almost 100 million books to children through her

Entry by Hestutomo

Patrick Dempsey got a teenager out Of a wrecked car. When he saw a car flipped over, the actor, known for playing Doctor Shepherd on Grey's Anatomy, r

Entry by Kristina Yong

As a volunteer for rescue missions, Harrison Ford once saved a hiker who was too weak to get off Table Mountain by airlifting her off the mountain wit


Muhammad Ali talkeda a man out of jumping from: a ninth story fre escape. When emergency responders and clergy had had no luck, Ali reportedly told th

Entry by killbotx

CRACKED C COM STEVE BUSCEMI WAS A FIREFIGHTER WITH THE NEW YORK CITY FIRE DEPARTMENT EDK! After the 9/11 attacks he returned to the fire department an

Entry by Andrea Meno

Neil Gaiman saw a lost dog on the side of the road in the rain, and pulled over. He put him in the car and, as the owner didn't want him back, kept hi

Entry by Julioceg

Keanu Reeves has a private foundation that helps children's hospitals and cancer research. After his sister's diagnosis of leukemia, Reeves has done c

Entry by Scott Laffey

HARRY STYLES DROPPED THOUSANDS ON PIZZA FOR THE HOMELESS. Ed Sheeran said when he was visiting the One Direction singer in L.A., Styles went out on h

Entry by Hestutomo

CRACKEDo COM Cuba Gooding Jr. helped a gunshot victim. He was picking up dinner when he saw a boy bleeding from his neck. Gooding got a towel from the

Entry by Kevin King

Tim Heidecker was stabbed twice while saving a mother from her son who was on drugs. In 2006, the comedian rushed to the aid of his elderly neighbor.

Entry by Scott Laffey

JOHN KRASINSKI SAVED A GIRL BEING DRAGGEDOUT TO SEA. While in Costa Rica, a local girl who was swimming near him was swept out by the strong riptide.

Entry by Hestutomo

CRACKEDCO Arnold Schwarzenegger saved a man from drowning in Hawaii. During a vacation, Schwarzenegger saw a man clinging desperately to his Boogie Bo


Matthew Mcconaughey saved a woman's life by performing CPR at the Toronto Film Festival in 2001. When a woman went into a seizure at the festival, McC


Every year, Jennifer Lawrence visits various children's hospitals to spend timE and cRAu spread positivity to young patients. Shriners Hospitals for C

Entry by Andrea Meno

When a MAGA rando trolled him on Twitter, Patton Oswalt helped the (very ill) guy. Oswalt shared his medical GoFundMe to 4.5 million followers and don