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Celebrities are just like regular people. Only way more dramatic. Because of their flair for the over-the-top, they are constantly involving themselves in bizarre, hilariously pointless feuds.

We dug up some examples of truly spectacular, yet epically dumb feuds among famous people. So now you can feel better about arguing about Star Wars online. Just kidding, you should still feel dumb about that.

Entry by Maclise

In 1974 Sylvester Stallone elbowed Richard Gere in the face over a greasy piece of chicken. M While filming The Lords of Flatbush, Gere annoyed Stallo

Entry by Maclise

Russell Crowe called George Clooney a sellout and a Frank Sinatra wannabe. Clooney's response? Dude, the only people who succeed when famous is two

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