18 Amazing Facts To Load Directly Into Your Brain

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There's a lot going on, and sometimes it's hard to keep on top of all the great facts Cracked digs up on a daily basis. We sympathize, and to help you get caught up, we've pulled together some especially interesting ones, and distilled them to meme size. And we've linked the related articles, in case they whet your appetite for a deeper dive.


Venom was based on a fan's idea. In the '80s, Marvel ran a competition for aspiring writers, and Randy Schueller submitted an idea about a black suit From 6 Times Fans Got Put In Charge Of Everything.


Millipedes cause train crashes in Australia. The invading Portuguese millipedes like the moisture on train tracks, and there are SO many of them that From 6 Terrifying Animal Swarms Capable of Causing Total Mayhem.


A company Has some dog befouled offers forensic your front lawn? You no longer need to live in DNA testing for ignorance! A company dog called PooPrinFrom 4 Unexpected Ways Technology Is Policing Our Behavior.


Alan Moore and Grant Morrison keep feuding over wizardry. Moore and Morrison are comic book legends, and both claim to be actual wizards. They're intoFrom 10 Famous Geniuses And Their Stupid Petty Feuds.