18 People Who Gamed The System (In Spectacular Ways)

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There's nothing admirable about cheating, and anyone who tells you otherwise is a rat. But there's something elegant about people who are able to bend the system to work in their favor without cheating or breaking any rules. These noble souls are the master of the loophole.


A civil engineer got free air travel by stockpiling pudding. CAMA Healthy Choice had a promotion in 1999: 1,000 frequent flyer miles for 10 barcodes. More: The 6 Most Creative Abuses of Loopholes


18 People Who Gamed The System (In Spectacular Ways)More: The 6 Most Creative Abuses of Loopholes


A man turned small print against a credit card company. When Dmitry Agarkov got an unsolicited credit card application in the mail, he scanned it, chaMore: 5 Brilliant Loopholes People Used To Cheat The System


Travelers got infinite airline miles from coins. BATIES OIO W NITLSD UNLLE SESSYLS OF ANERIC N SEVES UNITELD BTATES ST IEtch OF UNITE Is YAS After minMore: 5 Insane Ways People Trolled the System (And Won)


A guy claims smoking pot is his religious freedom. Indiana's religious freedom law has allowed businesses to discriminate against same-sex couples,


Minnesota bars said all their patrons were actors. Bar owners in Minnesota weren't happy about a public smoking ban. So they scoured the books and fouMore: The 6 Most Creative Abuses of Loopholes


A man managed to cash a junk mail check. KB462798601 e 5 KB462798601 K8462798601 t usnDorins B2 ST5S Ed RiaT KB Back in the '90s, when spammers used r


A strip club was rebranded as an art show to bypass the LAW. In 2001, the city of Boise, Idaho banned public full nudity - -unless it had serious artMore: The 4 Most Creative Ways People Used Loopholes to Get Rich