22 Pop Culture Staples (Cranked Out Super-Fast)

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We tend to think of well-known artwork and entertainment being the product of hours (and even years!) of hard work. But the truth is, sometimes incredibly famous works were slapped together at the last second. We're surrounded by movies, shows, music and other pop culture that were knocked out in a ridiculously short time.

For example:

Entry by VictorCamo

It took Kanye West only 15 minutes to Write the lyrics for All Falls Down which went on to peak at #4 on the Billboard top REB chart. CRACKED COM

Koji Kondo composed the Legend Of Zeida theme music in just one night. ZEDA THE LEGEND OF 000001 During development, the Nintendo team used Ravel's Bo

Entry by Hestutomo

Photograph by Ed Sheeran was written impromptu--and within 10 minutes. He was messing around with the laptop of Johnny McDaid of Snow Patrol when he f

Entry by Resivir

President Whitmore's CRACKEDc renowned speech from Independence Day was written in just about 5 minutes. The producers hoped to rewrite it to make it

Entry by sesu

CRACKED.COM Picasso's The Weeping Woman was painted in one day. On October 26th in 1937, to be exact. Considering that it usually takes weeks, month

Entry by VictorCamo

COLOR SWITCH The #1 app with over 200 million downloads was developed in 30 minutes and finished in a week.

Entry by Resivir

The first Saw was shot in LESS THAN WEEKS that is- ONLY 18 IN DNS CRACKED COM


ONE OF THE BEST HORROR MOMIES OF ALL TIME WAS MADE IN ABOUT A MONTH. HALLOWEEN It took John Carpenter and Debra Hill ten days to write the screenplay,

Entry by Scott Laffey

What'd Say was improvised. LIVE. Ray Charles said he and his band had run out of material with another 20 minutes still left to play. He told his gr

Entry by Sonny Time

According to Billy Gibbons, zZ Top's La Grange is one of those songs that came together in minutes when the band was goofing off after lunch.


Kevin Williamson wrote the genre- revolutionizing script for SCREAM over a long weekend. Inspired by severe poverty, he drove out to the desert and is

Entry by Kevin King

Angelo Badalamenti composed Laura Palmer's Theme from Twin Peaks on the spot. WEOME TWIN PEAKS Population 31201 One day, Badalamenti was sitting at

Entry by Andrea Meno

Rihanna's Diamonds took 14 minutes to write. (The producer said, That's insane.) It sold 3.5 million copies.


CRACKEDcO Harlan Ellisan wrote his most popular work, a post- apocalyptic horror short story, THAVE NO MAUTH AND MIIST SCREAM, in a single night. I s

Entry by Andrea Meno

A Charlie Brown Christmas producer Lee Mendelson banged out the lyrics to Christmas Time is Here in one sitting. It was the last minute, and all his

Entry by JarOCats

It took just two and a half days for JOHN BOYNE to write the entire first draft of his modern-day classic, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas He was struc

Entry by IrateTony

Clerks, the movie that launched Kevin smith's career, was filmed in just three weeks, in the same convenience store where Smith worked. CLERRS During

Entry by Resivir

FINAL FANTASY Nobuo Uematsu composed one of the most important themes in the series, the Prelude the Crystal Theme], in just 30 minutes. It was a

Entry by YappyDoo

Freddie Mercury wrote Crazy Little Thing Called Love in ten minutes on a guitar despite only knowing a few chords. CRACKED

Entry by S Peter Davis

Famous architect FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT designed one of his most iconic houses, FALLINGWATER in a frenzy of inspiration that took about 2 HOURS. CRACKED C

Entry by JarOCats

After three daysofrehearsal, ROGER CORMAN shot theoriginal bsbor the ORRORS in twodays..o coousingsets left over from A BuCKET of BIod. CRACKED COM

Entry by Kevin King

John Hughes frantically wrote the screenplay for Ferris Bueller's Day Off in one week. In 1985, a writers' strike was about to hit Hollywood. Upon hea