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We're surrounded by pop culture franchises that everyone takes for granted. What you might not realize is that a lot of those zeitgeist staples almost didn't happen. Tons and tons of iconic, well-known books, movies, shows, songs, and even entire franchises almost landed on the scrap heap. Or did land on the scrap heap, and somehow got resurrected.

Fortunately, this contest suggestion didn't wind up in MoroseGorilla's trash bin.

Entry by Kevin King

CRACKEDG COM Nobody wanted to film The Exorcist because the novel it is based on was a commerical flop. Author William Peter Blatty was turned down by

Entry by Ann Jimenez

The CRACKED COM Godfather Finding someone to direct this epic story was not simple. The movie was offered to and rejected by 11 directors before being

Entry by Ann Jimenez

BACY CRACKEDCO COM TO FUTURE THE The movie was not haPpening. The script was rejected 40 times for various reasons like: Columbia Pictures: Not being

Entry by Andrea Meno

Dune was turned down by over 20 publishers, who believed SF readers only like short stories. But Chilton, a small publisher of trade and hobby magazin

Entry by VictorCamo

CRACKEDCO Due to a young and inexperienced staff We almost never got the iconic GTA series. After the TRAID development teams argued for weeks THEFT t

Entry by VictorCamo

CRACKEDOON The world almost never got to hearAfrica. AFKIC ToTo Toto didn't want to include the song on their album because they thought it was terr

Entry by Andrea Meno

When Paul Verhoeven read the Robocop script, he called it a piece of S s*k*t and threw it away. His wife read it and said he could make the movie ha

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