23 Subplots That Are The Best Part Of Famous Movies & Shows

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There's so much going on in movies and shows, it's hard to keep track of it all. But sometimes, behind the noisy main plot, there are subplots ticking along that are much, much more interesting. Here are some background stories that really should have been the focus of the entire movie or TV show.

Entry by Hestutomo

CRACKED COM Snape' backstory in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince steals the show. The story of how a deeply troubled young boy became a Death Ea


The third season of SHERLOCK opened with Mycroft locating Sherlock as he was tortured and interrogated in a Serbian prison. He had been discreetly dis

Spider- 3 is a convoluted mess with too many villains and not enough making sense. Except for The Sandman, whose story should have been the focus of t


while the internal conflict Of FIGHT CLB is very thrilling a greater story is to be told about the rise and nefarious acts OF homegrown terrorists PRO


Nidy Parsons goes from a CA analyst to an underground hadktivist fighting against the CIA, successfully evading the authorities for yearse Why didn't

Entry by PollyDarton

A L E N E N A N T Like most other Alien movies, Covenant is the story of a space crew making questionable decisions and an android cking things up in

Entry by SharonN

#arry Potter is a classic movie, but... There could be an entire Quidditch tournament spin-off story that would love we to see!

Entry by Kalli

PIRATES CARIBBEAN thoe Calypso and Davy Jones had a passionate love affair, yet betrayal tore them apart. Their doomed romance provided the impetus to

Entry by Sonny Time

THIS IS THEEND The film would have been a more unique comedy if it had focused on the cannibals, as opposed to a group of guys huddled in a house, try

Entry by PollyDarton

The best part of A Q UAMAN is the bad a** undersea worlds, especially The Brine. We only get a small glimpse of the dark crustacean world, but it woul


CRACKEDC Tropic Thunder spends too much time on the repetitive, overly violent jungle plot. (Although Robert Downey Jr. is superb). They should've foc


A little girl has her parents killed by one time-traveling machine, gets saved by another, which then becomes her surrogate parent, and helps her prep


Season 2 of THE SHIELD had a million threads, but should have only focused on the war between Vic Mackey and his archenemy, Armadillo Quintero. A char

Entry by jimclass

PEARL HARBOR (2001) should have dumped the forgettable fictional characters and focused on Cuba Gooding Jr.'s portrayal of real-life hero, Doris Mille


MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME Shortly after they meet, Aunty Entity tells Max that. she built a trading community out of nothing, replacing violence and

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

GRAL STAR WARS EPISODE IL ATTACK OF THE. CLONES The subplot where Obi Wan and Anakin attempt to thwart an assassination attempt on Padme plays out lik


How exactly did Magneto go from a genocidal maniac obsessed with killing non-mutants to a devoted family man? APOCALYPSE Instead of watching such a hu

Entry by Busteq

A WHOLE MOVIE ABOUT THE HOW TO TRAIN YOUR CRAtN VELOCIRAPTORSEQUENCE... would have been more fun to watch than the recycled and predictable plot of

Entry by kidrawk

Me HANGOVER How did this small guy become an international criminal? And how and why did he end up locked naked in Alan's father's car trunk? OPA:772

Entry by Hestutomo

Inigo Montoya's seeking revenge for his father's death is far more interesting than the romance of The Princess Bride. He is by far the most interesti


BAD TIMES AT THE El Royale opens with FBI agent Dwight Broadbeck (Jon Hamm) making the shocking discovery that the Bureay isn't the only intelligence

Entry by Hestutomo

CRACKEDC COM Edward Cullen's past of moonlighting as a vampire vigilante has more depth, thrill, and basically more entertainment value than Twilight'

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

Pulp Fiction is cool and all, but we'd gladly trade its whole plot for a day in Winston Wolf's life every damn time. CRACKEDC