18 Amazingly Interesting Facts To Stick In Your Head

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Look, we get it. You're a busy person. You want to know things, but you don't have time to leaf through the entire internet to find them. We're here for you. This is a collection of completely true facts that are objectively interesting. And if these whet your appetite for article-length interestingness, there's a link to a related Cracked article under each image.


CRACKED COM SOLDIERS KEEP LEAKING SENSITIVE INFORMATION VIA THEIR PHONES. Nowadays, you don't need spies to know the location of secret military basesFrom 5 Bizarre Problems Modern Militaries Are Facing.


CRACKEDCON BREAST IMPLANTS OFFER SLIGHT PROTECTION AGAINST BULLETS. Now, no one is suggesting you should rely on your boob job to save your life. You From 5 Random Things You Had No Clue Could Save Your Life.


CRACKED COM ARE YOU A BAD DRIVER? IT MIGHT BE GENETIC. About 30 percent of Americans have a gene variant that limits the production of a certain brainFrom 5 Surprising Ways Your Genes Are Secretly Ruining Your Life.


CRACKED COM THE NATION OF NIUE PUTS POP CULTURE ICONS ON THEIR MONEY. Niue, an island nation in the Pacific, is SO tiny MICKEY that it doesn't have MOFrom 5 Western Things That Went Insane In Other Countries.