35 Movie Casting Changes That Changed The Game


Casting changes happen all the time, often for mundane reasons. Sometimes, though, the insane story behind a recasting is almost as entertaining as the show or movie that it's for.

Our readers brought together the craziest of these stories and we gave $200 to the best ...

Entry by felipe1000

CRACKEDCO Janet Hubert- the original Aunt Viv on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Ain allegedly left the show after violating her contract by getting pregnant.

Entry by Adogg1991

CRACKEDCONT The role of Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction, the role that revitalized John Travolta's career, was offered to Michael Madsen, who turned it d

Entry by Foreverkul

Mary Harron, the director of 'American Psycho', wanted Bale to be the star, but the studio demanded Leonardo DiCaprio get the part. Harron and Bale le

Entry by Adogg1991

BACY TO FUTURE THE Crispin Glover NOT Crispin Glover BACY TO FUTURETT THE Crispin Glover was not asked back for either of the Back to the Future seque

Entry by dbzeus

Richard Gere was replaced by Perry King in The Lords of Flatbush because... He spilled food on Sylvester Stallone, and Sly elbowed Gere in the head.

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