13 Dumb Conspiracies Worthy Of Your Crazy Uncle, Uncle Crazy

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It's only natural to try to connect the dots in the zeitgeist, even if it's just so we can get some sleep at night. Everyone just wants the world to make sense. Unfortunately, that means people are constantly coming up with progressively more absurd conspiracy theories. And sharing the hell out of them.

As a public service, we've assembled the most impressive theories making the rounds right now. Whether you decide to laugh derisively or get on board is completely up to you.


WAS KANYE WEST'S ENDORSEMENT OF TRUMP ALL PART OF A PLAN TO MAKE A KARDASHIAN GREAT AGAIN? Wendy Williams proposed that West agreed to help the presidSource: Atlanta Black Star


ARE THE JEWS' BEHIND THE MIGRANT CARAVAN? Courtney Tubbs, who goes by the not-so- subtle Twitter handle IWilIRedPillYOu, spotted the Star of David oSource: Slate


WAS MEGHAN MARKLE REPLACED BY A ROBOT? Twitter erupted with theories that the duchess had been supplanted by a deranged-looking android after a surpriSource: Mirror Online


WERE FEMA AGENTS DISPATCHED TO JAIL POLITICAL UNDESIRABLES IN HAWAII? The etotally-eenes reported website Someone's that FEMA sent barges to the stateSource: Snopes


IF{Soul=FALSE}, RunProgram{NPC.exe] L Could you be an NPC? That dank NPC Wojak meme you forwarded to trigger the normies is actually based on a theorySource: Reddit


IS SKINWALKERI RANCH THE EPICENTER OF SUPERNATURAL ACTIVITYO. From alien encounters and dire wolves to cow mutilations and poltergeists, Skinwalker RaSource: Vice


DID COURTNEY LOVE CONSPIRE WITH ACTOR ROSS BUTLER TO MURDER HER EX-SON-IN-LAW? (Wait, what?) Frances Bean Cobain's ex, Isaiah Silva, says the 13 ReasoSources: Refinery29, The Cut


Is Little Caesars just selling DiGiorno pizza? DIGIORNO t1e Caesas Lmde Caesn Littke 215 A Twitter user caught some interesting video that is leading Source: People


IS XXXTENTACION STILL ALIVE? Some of the rapper's fans believe he faked his death, perhaps to get away from unwanted fame or as publicity for a new siSource: Independent


WERE UFOS CAUGHT ON VIDEO BY NITMEROUS PEOPLE IN CHINA? Users on the social media site Weibo posted recordings of a bright swirling light dancing overSource: Latest UFO Sightings


DID MAC MILLER FAKE HIS OWN DEATH SO ARIANA GRANDE COULD DUMP THIS GUY? The singer called off her engagement to SNL'S Pete Davidson shortly after MillSource: Distractify


IS LINDSAY LOHAN SECRETLY AN AGENT OF THE TURKISH GOVERNMENT? The actress has shown unusual support for President Erdogan, spreading his government's Sources: Express Tribune, Paste


IS TUPAC C SHAKUR CHILLIN' IN MALAYSIA? Suge Knight's son, Suge J. Knight, shared a video on his Instagram page that he claims shows Makaveli very mucSources: The Star, People