21 World-Changing (Tiny) Things

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Small acts can have surprisingly large consequences, which should come as no surprise to anyone who's a fan of the documentary Back To The Future. It's called the butterfly effect, and it happens absolutely all the time.

For example ...

Entry by Sonny Time

Jerry Rice cut class in high school and became an NFL legend. .80 For cutting class, his principal punished him by making him try out for football. CR

Entry by Kalli

CDAOT A two-inch drop caused the Apollo 13 crisis. An oxygen tank was dropped, but inspections turned up only inconsequential damage, so it was approv


During World War II, British codebreakers needed A 'crib,' a short piece of the message whose meaning was already known, in order to run their cipher

Entry by Hestutomo

CRACKED.COM BacK pain cost JFK his life. NITED PRES THE S1 OF Kennedy suffered from lifelong back pain made worse by war injuries. On the dAY of the a

Entry by Sagar Parikh

CRACKED COM A clerical error killed six fishermen The fishing vessel Lady Mary had a mistake in its registration number. A government contractor accid

Entry by Sagar Parikh

A faulty relay in Ontario, Canada led to the Northeast blackout of 1965. 30 million people were without electricity for 13 hours. 800, 000 were trappe

Entry by PollyDarton

TITANIC A SONG OF FIRE BURNED AND HULL? ICE Historians have recently uncovered evidence that a small fire that began in the boiler rooms before the sh


9 percent to 21 percent of unexpected power outages are caused by squirrels. Over 4,700 animal-related (most of which are squirrels) outages were reco

Entry by Busteq

A FAILED ATTEMPT TO GET A WIFE TO JOIN A SWINGERS' CLUB IS THE REASON WE HAVE BARACK OBAMA The strongest rival Obama had in Illinois for the senator s

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

In 1915, a German diplomat fell asleep on a train... and sparked a chain of events that convinced Americans to join World War I. CRAGK Heinrich Albert

Entry by Busteq

THE THEFT OF A BICYCLE GAVE US THE GREATEST BOXER THAT EVER LIVED In 1954, a police officer found a 12-year-old fuming over his stolen bike. The boy s

Entry by gicusudoru

Leon Trotsky was the head of the Red Army and one of the most powerful men in the Soviet Union until the death of Lenin in 1924. Stalin saw to it he w


Apollo missions increased the moon's temperature by 1-3 degrees Fahrenheit. Dust on the surface is lighter than the soil underneath, and astronauts wa

Entry by Michael Voll

In 1949, the Chinese government sent 37.000 elite troops for swimming lessons. CRAGK The canals in which they trained, however, were filled with paras

Entry by culturekills

British Airways Flight 5390 had a cockpit window PoPO out midflight, which nearly led to a crash after the pilot was almost completely sucked out of t


CRACKEDG COM $2 magnets are saving sharks in Australia. Nets outfitted with small magnets, which confuse the sharks' senses, were shown to decrease sh

Entry by Alexius08

A copper scavenger once took down almost an entire country's internet connection. In 2011, an elderly Georgian woman combing the ground for copper to

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

A soldier's toilet break led to the second Sino-Japanese War, which lasted eight years. Private Kikujiro Shimura decided to relieve himself during a d

Entry by Sagar Parikh

In March 2017, a simple typo made by an Amazon amazon Web Services engineer took down thousands of websites, including Quora and Medium. They were sup

Entry by Alexius08

In 2009, tired of seeing his neighborhood attract garbage, criminals, and prostitutes, a non-religious Oakland, California resident installed Buddha a

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

CRACKEDCON When Tippi Hedren visited a Vietnamese refugee camp in Sacramento during the Vietnam War, the Vietnamese women there marveled at her polish