Pointless Social Customs That Need To Be Retired, ASAP

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We do a ton of stuff, as a society, because we always have. We're beginning to suspect that that's not an especially good reason to keep doing a thing. So we asked our readers to find the most irritating examples of quaint customs that people still adhere to, that make absolutely no sense in this day and age. And we gave cash to our favorites. Because that's a custom that makes sense.

Here's what they came up with:


Ladies and gentlemen, this is your pilot speaking. We're beginning our descent, SO if you could just resist the urge to clap when we land, we'll all b


CRACKEDG COM Greeting cards made sense in the old days before the information revolution. but at this point, they're just a waste of resources.

Entry by Busteq

CRACKED COM Men should wear pants and women should wear skirts... Yet if you think about it, who needs the extra ventilation the most? Make skirts man

Entry by Busteq

CRACKED COM The Pardoning of the Thanksgiving Turkey. This is stupid. The president knows this is stupid. Everyone knows this is stupid. Why is this s

Entry by PookieJones

Why are we still expected to kiss strangers just because a parasitic plant is above us?


CRACKED G COM GameStop Massiaeemy? t&t LAUNCH GAME EVENT NIGHT ONDAY It's high time we stop lining up in the middle of the night for the release of th


CRACKEDd COM YxY=25 Y=5,-5 In an age where nearly everybody has their own smartphone, there's no reason to keep requiring algebra classes for all coll

Entry by munagam07

It should be okay to open gifts by ourselves, alone, rather than do it all in front of people who gave them to us. CRACKED COM

Entry by TheClam

GRACKEDG Handshakes, an important gesture in which many things can gO wrong Fist bumps, a foolproof gesture that usually ends with cool hand motions


CRACKED CO Having church services early on Sunday mornings makes no sense: Most people only get two days a week to sleep in; SO why do their churches

Entry by elisatan

Men are expected to pay for the first date. This only made sense half a century ago when women earned significantly less than men or weren't allowed t

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

Why are we still voting on Tuesdays? It made sense when America was still an agrarian society, when farmers needed to take VOTE the weekend off to tra


FRaM THE OSIN' Drat NED Laigttee Dear Everyone, We know that we're not dear to every person who has written us a letter. Can we quit opening letters w


Let's put extravagant, decadent coffns to rest. Spending thousands of dollars on something that's just going to get buried is like spitting in the fac

Entry by PookieJones

Why are tailgate parties a thing? A burger is better without the exhaust fumes.


CRACKEDCO Office parties need to be put out to pasture. If we want to socialize with our coworkers, we can make plans on our oWn, we don't need forced

Entry by Busteq

lroning our shirts. It's a waste of energy. It doesn't make clothes cleaner: It serves no purpose. It's a waste of time.


we SHOULD STOP CELEBRATIONS WITH FIREWORKS. It's expensive, it's not even remotely original, GRAGKECOM and it scares the shit out of every animal in t


THE WEDDING CAKE SMASH HAS GOT TO GO! Feeding wedding cake to each other is supposed to symbolize a promise between the bride and groom to provide for