20 Creepy Discoveries That People Stumbled Into

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Some people are in the business of discovering things, and some people just happen to be in the right place at the right time. Or, in some case, the horribly wrong place at the right time. And that's how some truly disconcerting discoveries are made. Some random person looking for their car keys or the missing link discovers something completely else. And completely nightmarish.

Like ...

Entry by Hestutomo

George Gennai was hoping to find antiques or other valuables when he bought the rights to a storage unit. He'd already spent a day in the unit when he

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

A family in Auburn, PA was trying to insulate their home but upon tearing down the wall, dozens of animal carcasses spilled out. hodes The corpses wer

Entry by John E.

Two Filipino fishermen returning home for the day noticed a drifting partially submerged yacht. CRATA They would then discover that its captain was st

Entry by Hestutomo

When contractor Gary Haynes was hired to renovate a shut-down chiropractic clinic, he probably expected to find strange stuff in the basement, but not

Entry by Andrea Meno

In 2011, miners in Alberta, Canada, found a huge nodosaur fossil. It was so undamaged, it could have been walking around a couple of weeks ago.

Entry by ERRiley

In 2017, a couple dining at a Tallahassee restaurant found a DEAD FROG in a glass of water. OUSE WFE YES, the husband did take a couple of drinks out

Entry by elisatan

Renovation of Benjamin Franklin's house in London has led to the discovery of human and animal skeletons in the basement. Franklin let his friend, Wil

Entry by ERRiley

COLD dring In 2017, an lllinois vending machine technician was BOA surprised to find COBR PYTH a SNAKE in a soda MAM dispenser he was RATT servicing.

Entry by elisatan

A peat cutter in Lindow Moss took an object which he thought was a piece of wood off the elevator of the peat- shredding machine and threw it at his w

Entry by Busteq

While playing Pokemon Go, instead of a Pikachu... Riss PIo hon This woman found a dead body under a Wyoming bridge. CRACKEDCON

Entry by Andrea Meno

A 2017 Argentine police raid on an art collector's home found a secret room with Nazi relics. The room had toys, statues, medical devices and more, al

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

During a renovation, a Hungarian couple accidentally uncovered 6300 Nazi documents behind a wall in their apartment. usbia Adatszolgaltatasi M E. read

Entry by Hestutomo

While cleaning the basement of a recently vacated apartment, two cleaners found an old trunk. When they broke it open, they were shocked to find... su

Entry by Sagar Parikh

60 year old calcified fetus found inside an elderly woman La Boca, Chile Doctors in Chile found a calcified fetus inside Estela Melendez's uterus when

Entry by E. J. Diaz

As city workers were digging a trench for a fiber optic cable at the Hollister Airport dog park, they found an active WWI practice bomb. DISARMED 9110


CRACKED CON In 1982, two children playing on a swing in a field in Norton, England looked down and saw that they had accidentally unearthed a skeleton

Entry by E. J. Diaz

Calvin Oshowy bought a house in Whitehorse, Canada, and two months later discovered that the place was packed with hundreds of bats. The bats were in

Entry by Hestutomo

After purchasing an apartment sight-unseen at an auction of foreclosed properties, the new owner had opened the front door for the very first time onl

Entry by elisatan

Charlie Rowley, from Wilstshire, England, couldn't believe his luck when he found a sealed box of what looked like expensive designer perfume, and gav

Entry by PollyDarton

When friends were cleaning out the closet of deceased drag performer Dorian Corey they discovered a heavy garment bag containing THE MUMMIFIED REMAINS