21 Movies & Shows Butchered By Censors

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Editing is such a nuanced, important art form that there's an Oscar for doing it well. Unfortunately, the flipside of that is that people are using those same skills to censor, butcher, and generally retool entertainment until it's completely unrecognizable. For, um, reasons.

This contest was suggested by rs1, who only uses those blackbelt editing powers for good.

Entry by rs1

X The Vietnamese version of Fifty Shades of Gray had no sex. Vietnamese audiences were confused when they saw a theatrical version of Fifty Shades of

Entry by Andrea Meno

A line in Casino went, We may have to kick a *e's a*k outta town. ROBERT JOE DENIRO SHARON PESCI STONE CASINO A MARTIN SCORSESE PICTURE The TV versi

Entry by Andrea Meno

A Dutch Christian public broadcasting company changed David Attenborough's documentaries to support creationism. They cut lines, replaced spoken Engli

Entry by Busteq

The Star Trek episode Amok Time showed us Vulcans' mating season, which is triggered by a condition called Pon Farr which would kill Spock unless

Entry by Busteq

IHORO The Pokemon movie is actually a retelling of the classic Frankenstein story, which ends with the lesson that life is precious no matter how it c


Why did you take ours and not give up your own? I HAD TO, YOU **** *! What did Starlight Glimmer say to make Canada's Treehouse TV censor My Little


SCAREACE was incredibly difficult to censor for TV because of its constant use of profanity. So, the censors had to get... Where'd you get the beauty

Entry by PParker

In the TVedit of Snakes on a Plane, the film's iconic line: I've had it with these motherf* *cking snakes on this motherf *cking plane! Became: I'v

Entry by lemonstar

Chinese government censors were very heavy-handed when editing Skyfall. One scene where a French hitman kills a Chinese security guard was completely

Entry by PookieJones

The Chinese version of Men in Black 3 is missing 13 minutes. The part of the movie that takes place in Chinatown, both the aliens disguised as Chinese


Delta Airlines showed an edited version of the movie Carol in which the lesbian lovers, played by Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara, never even kiss!

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

The Wolf of Wall Street is filled with sex scenes and swear words, SO 45 minutes of its total runtime were cut upon entering the United Arab Emirates.

Entry by Hestutomo

Piranha 3D for Indian TV cut the gore and nudity, which is half of the movie. TO avoid the hiccups in the musical score that ocCurRED with every cut,

Entry by Andrea Meno

Grace Kelly's and Clark Gable's lines in Mogambo changed in Spain, SO they weren't adulterers. They were now brother and sister- but still shared a be

Entry by lemonstar

The Arabic version of The Simpsons was almost a completely different show. VvU Ma Drnt CACT PId 277 The beer-swilling, bacon-loving lout that is Homer

Entry by Andrea Meno

CRACKED COM A Grey's Anatomy doctor suggested a patient smoke one cigarette a day to relax. In France, the suggestion changed to eating one bowl of ri

Entry by PParker

In the kid's cartoon Steven Universe, a lesbian couple sucks at baseball because they can't stop flirting with each other. USA SWEDEN -I'm trying, but

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

Due to the stereotypical appearance of Sao Feng, the Pirate Lord of Singapore, 10 minutes of his screentime were cut from the Chinese release of Pirat

Entry by Scott Laffey

In the edited-for-television version of KUSTBUSTERS the lines where Stantz and Venkman refer to Peck as being d!ckless were changed to calling Peck

Entry by vinmart

The Chinese CRACKED version of The Shape of Water edited out the masturbation scene and most of the 55 2 5 10 sex scenes. In addition to affecting the

Entry by PParker

The TV cut of The Matrix turns the edgy rebels into youth pastors- Replacing Jesus Christ! with: Jeepers Creepers! And Neo's badass line How abou