Weird Blind Spots In 'Well-Known' History

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History books have a way of leaving out the most bizarre details about famous goings-on, presumably because school-age minds can't handle them. Well, Cracked readers can. In fact, they crave them. So here's your fix of weird, disturbing details about well-known historical events.

Entry by PollyDarton

When the Titanic sank in 1912 706 people lived, 1517 people died, STNIC and 3 dogs survived. CRACKED.COM They were a Pekingese and two Pomeranians.

Entry by Hestutomo

For years after the Battle Of Waterloo, companies would dig up the bones of fallen soldiers, grind them up, and sell them as fertilizer. Bones are ric


Dusko Popov, a Serbian spy, brought J. Edgar Hoover proof that an attack on Pearl Harbor would happen, four months before it did. Hoover decided to ig

Entry by ERRiley

The ticker tape machines in use during the 1929 Stock Market Crash were unable to keep up with trading. They ran hours behind, struggling to report 14


At the 1415 Battle of Agincourt, where the English army, mostly archers, devastated a vastly superior force of French knights, many of the victorious

Entry by John E.

At Japan's surrender during WW2 Emperor Hirohito offered to convert the entire nation to Christianity Gen. MacArthur turned down the offer stating It


At the Battle of Brandywine in 1777, British sharpshooter Major Patrick Ferguson refused to fire at a Continental Army general, believing that to kill

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

In 1941, the Pentagon was built in preparation for World War II and the reason why it got its shape was because it was meant to be built somewhere els

Entry by ERRiley

Mary Todd Lincoln was not allowed to stay in the room as her husband took his last breath. Why? Edward Stanton, Secretary of War, was furious that Mrs

Entry by masta_X

Before his death was made public, sama bin Laden's identity needed to be verified by DNA testing as well as measuring his height. : ce 85 B 7 69 a bon

Entry by Buttersnix

When people think of Joan of Arc being burned at the stake it's usually for the crime of being a witch. In actuality she was burned alive for wearing

Entry by TheClam

The Apollo Spacecraft lacked functioning toilets In lieu of a loo, astronauts used baggies that sealed to their... areas And yes, the lack of gravity

Entry by Scott Laffey

IN WORLD WAR l, THE UNITED STATES EXPERIMENTED WITH BAT BOMBS. Conceived by a dentist friend of Eleanor Roosevelt, the weaponized bats were to be rele

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

This photograph is one of the very few authentic images of the Omaha Beach invasion, and it was only possible because Robert Capa, the photographer, d

Entry by Hestutomo

Nixon's Watergate operation was blown by a piece of duct tape. Nixon's man used duct tape on the locks in the Watergate building to prevent doors from


Weird Blind Spots In 'Well-Known' History

Entry by Buttersnix

The Hindenburg Disaster was almost The Adolf Hitler Disaster. CRACKED.COM Joseph Goebbels, who was in charge of Nazi propaganda, requested the Fuhrer'

Entry by Scott Laffey

A BOSTON TEA PARTY PROTESTER CAME BACK FROM THE DEAD. (Sort of.) Fellow participants hid John Crane's seemingly dead body under some wood shavings in

Entry by Busteq

Andrew Jackson's parrot had to be expelled from his owner's funeral... Because it wouldn't stop swearing. cRac


An American woman talked Hitler out of committing suicide in 1923. Adolf Hitler CRAGA was arrested in 1923 shortly after his first coup, the Beer Hall


The Constitutional Convention of 1787 was a gathering of the finest patriots of the fledgeling United States... CRACKEDCON And four prisoners from the

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

When Mary, Queen of Scots was beheaded for plotting to assassinate Queen Elizabeth I... ...she was hiding her Skye Terrier under her dress, which refu

Entry by Scott Laffey

The afterparty for George Washington's inauguration in New York had such a huge CRACKEDCOMT turnout that his carriage could not get through the street

Entry by PookieJones

The German government sold pieces of the Berlin Wall. After the Fall of the Berlin Wall, the commercial use of complete segments was approved in ord

Entry by Buttersnix

The original call signs for Apollo 11 were changed from Snowcone and Haystack to Columbia and Eagle. Which was probably a good thing. The Haystack ha