27 Disturbing Things Your Boss Actually Made You Do

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There's a reason The Office was such a runaway hit. It pointed out how bizarre the average workplace is. So we asked our readers to look into their own job histories and tell us the strangest things their bosses actually asked them to do. And it turns out that between insane rules and bizarre requests from disturbingly shameless supervisors, the modern workplace is more headscratching than ever.

Entry by Mihailocukk

My boss made me interpret his dreams even though I don't have a degree in Psychology. One of them involved killing an employee with a stapler. CRACKED

Entry by Rich949

Working as a groundskeeper at a park, my supervisor would hand me his phone, boot up Pokemon Go, and ask me CRAUN to tend to certain areas of the park

Entry by TaiGin

27 Disturbing Things Your Boss Actually Made You Do


CRACKED COM When my boss was smoking she would always buy us both smokes, even when she knew I was quitting. MMAV LUCKY STRIKE When she was quitting a

Entry by Sonny Time

CRACKEDGO I had toO give my belt, shirt, and tie tO my boss once, because I was etter-dressed than him.

Entry by LilySprite

27 Disturbing Things Your Boss Actually Made You Do

Entry by Mihailocukk

My boss made me watch telenovelas during work time and take notes. We also discussed them later in detail. It was a brain-numbing experience. TELENOVE

Entry by LilySprite

When I was 15 I got a job in retail. I couldn't legally work past 9pm, SO my boss would just have me punch out at 8:59pm then keep working until the j

Entry by Kalli

CRACKED COM each day? tested the sensors Were NO YES entrance will Call entrance INorth ala entrance for every ISouth an explanation there NO Is YES C

Entry by MiaVega

CRACKEDo When I worked at a pizza joint the owner gave us crystal clear instructions: phone orders come before in-house customers. He always said The

Entry by lemonstar

One year, my company had an outing on a small cruise ship. During the event, my boss-and CEO of the company-n -made me ask the captain to change the d

Entry by AmyB8484

Every week, my boss had me send flowers to both his wife and mistress. I was to always say I love you in the message because Women like it when you

Entry by masta_X

My boss asked me to make a hotel reservation for an out of town visitor. The stinger however, was that the reservation should be in my name. It turned

Entry by Sonny Time

CRACKED.CO line 41. enter COM than F C 1040 Form Ded My boss had me do his taxes one year Despite my objections, he said he had complete confidence in

Entry by Ka-ga-mi

My boss gave me some money and asked me to buy a black bikini in a specific size with it. He said he couldn't be seen buying it himself. CRAGKEDCON


My boss made me travel across town to his apartment during the work day to deliver an envelope of money for his haircut. El m Ti HAIRCUT $$$ ??2 CRACK

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

The principal of the aa school where I used to Bb work demanded that we come to school on Saturdays, although there wouldn't be any students there. Sh


had boss My his write me heartfelt personal letters. did he All sign was them.

Entry by AmyB8484

My boss made me go downtown to bail our accountant out of jail.

Entry by TheClam

A pet store owner insisted we all write positive yelp reviews DPRASL APRAL OAA TYOR UI OMU Life Gren He told some of US to not use all5 stars. in or

Entry by LilySprite

27 Disturbing Things Your Boss Actually Made You Do

Entry by AmyB8484

At the store I worked at, my male boss instructed me that whenever an attractive female shopper came in, I was to alert him sO that he could be the on

Entry by rs1

CRACKED CO I had to blue screen my boss's wife into a virtual set where she recited poetry she wrote.

Entry by munagam07

My manager once tried to boost the productivity by providing my team energy drinks. He demanded that we chug them, twice a day. otooorom u awnd Radeoi


My boss brought her baby to work SO she wouldn't have to pay for a sitter. Then she asked me: M Would you hold my baby whilel go do something real qui

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

During my brief few months working as a research assistant in a college, my supervisor insisted that I keep a beard whenever I had to attend a confere