If Text Messages Could be Sent Into the Past

Text messaging has made life more convenient than ever thought possible. The next progression, obviously, is texting through time.

That's why we asked you to show us the most important messages that will benefit from this future technology. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by shealaverty

mull.. Quantum 3G Nov. 8. 1966 97% Messages John Lennon Edit Bro, don't go to the Indica Gallery tomorrow. It um... is gonna get bombed. Who is this?


mmI CRAKD 3G 7:35 PM Messages 1980's Self Edit Don't buy the hype, flying car's aren't going to happen kid. 2014 and we still haven't mastered Not Ca

Entry by frippo

ml_. Tempus 3G 9:15 AM Messages Christ the Lord Edit Yo, J-Man Got a few minutes? Sure What's up? You mind clarifying your stance on some social and p


Messages bin Laden Contact It's about your engineer kid brother, Osama Half-brother. He's an idiot. Good news -he's scary smart. You must hire him imm

Entry by wthomasbaker

...00 AT&T 4G 11:08 PM 83 % Messages R. Montague Contact Today 11:08 PM Hold off on that vial for a bit. Trust me CRAGKEDCOM Message Send

Entry by Scott Laffey

CRACKED PB&J 3G 3:47 PM 97% Messages 1995 Me Edit Hey. I'm sending you a PDF file. It's a series of 7 books about a wizardry school. You need to take

Entry by zbeebs

Verizon 3G 4:47 PM Messages Past Me Edit Dude, there's a show on Fox tonight, you have to watch it. It's called Firefly Firefly? Sounds gay Gah. don


lL AT&T 3G 05:50 PM 100% Messages Jesse James Edit Jesse remember 2 call the maid tmrw this place is gettin dusty az fuk lol - Frank CRAGKED.OM Send

Entry by guydouglas

Messages Henry Ford Contact Hey Henry. I was thinking you should maybe popularize electric cars instead of internal combustion. I dunno, gas cars are

Entry by Paka

l_. ATT 3G 9:00 AM Messages Unknown Edit Forget plastics. China's going to own that market. But I just got a job at the American Plastics Council. I k

Entry by JonnyQuest037

AM WAGON 3 9:46 Donner Party Cat Messages Dude. that shortcut thru SUXIMMT the mountains Just stick to the California Trait Thanks for the tip. brol D

Entry by Danzy

CRACKEDCON Charlie 3G 12:41 PM Messages Paul Edit The White Album has nothing to do with you, and Helter Skelter i is just a roller coaster ride. Look

Entry by Alex Race

AT&T LTE 2:20 AM 52% Messages George Contact Hey man, I know you think that Luke just needs to kiss Leia and it's gonna be all romantic and shit. But

Entry by HappyHomer

3 UK ml. 3G 11:34 AM Messages Nev Chamberlain Edit Hitler just called you a sissy Send CRACKEDCON


If Text Messages Could be Sent Into the Past

If Text Messages Could be Sent Into the Past


AT&T 3G 6:00 PM Messages William Strunk Edit Your wasting you're time. CRACKED Send