21 Last Texts Recovered From Famous Moments in History

History is cool and all (we guess), but you know what's missing from it? Cell phones. That's why we asked you to go ahead and insert them so that we could relive some last moments from the lives of historical figures. Winner got $100 ...

Entry by DougTheLlama

#L. Cosmote 3G 1:29 AM CRAGREDE ON Messages Leonidas Edit I'm thinking I should really only need 250... 300 tops. Send

Entry by boffredi

l. USA 3G 10:12 PM CRACKED.OO Messages Abe Lincoln Edit Hey Henry, there's some creepy guy behind me with a boner. Yeah, L see him. I dare you to reac

Entry by CidKilroy

L.. TITANIC 3G 11:30 PM GRAGKEDE COM Messages ICEBERGWATCH Edit **WARNING** Iceberg spotted at 51.7N 2.4E **WARNING** iceberg spotted at 82.4N 67.5E *

Entry by CZM

l. ORANGE 3G 4:21 PM CRACREDE CON Messages De Gaulle Edit General, the Germans are at our borders... France must now surrender! NOT* surrender, autoco

Entry by Rachel P.

l.. NSDAP 3G 12:37 PM ORACKEDE ON Messages Adolf Edit Don't forget to lock up the jewels like I told you on the phone earlier! Did you catch that part

Entry by DandyBerlin

21 Last Texts Recovered From Famous Moments in History

Entry by John Mulroy

mll_. UTEL 3G 1:24 PM Messages Alexis,SKA.... Edit Hey Al! How's the test going? I've managed to set it up that can operate the EPS-5 when I text 'SYS


ml_. BTLS 3G 5:00 PM Messages M.D. Chapman Edit You're going to be aiming at Yoko, right? Yes, Mr. Lennon. I think I have these pesky sights zeroed no

Entry by Brian Boyko

AT&T 3G 11:58 PM 100% Messages Jefferson Edit know we're old rivals. but do you think we could bury the hatchet. before the hatchet buries me? (1/2) I

Entry by Piemanthe3rd

TELUS 3G 11:00 AM mIl- Messages Franz F. Edit U kno where the hospital is in this city? Driver is totes lost. nvm, I'll ask someone at this cafe ORAGK

Entry by Assassin101

ml. Telus 3G 5:00 PM Messages Qin Shi Huang Edit Hey do you know ingesting mercury grants a person eternal life? Really!? Lol just kidding.. :1 P Hell

Entry by El Zoof

MARK 3G 2:45 mil.. PM Messages Judas Edit Send CRACKED.COM


CRACKED.COM UAV2 36 5:00 PM Messages CIA Edit Hey, Al-Awlaki. Knock knock. Who's there? Ka Ka who? Send UAVE J Messages 5:00 PM CIA heh heh

Entry by Jordan Rudow

21 Last Texts Recovered From Famous Moments in History

Entry by SeltzerMoth

AT&T 3G 2:27 PM Messages Jodie Foster <3 Edit Hey Jodie. Watched Taxi again last night... finally figured out what I need to do for us to be together.

Entry by Pedgerow

l_ Wacom 3G 12:43 PM Messages 912 Edit hey guys this is david koresh i surrender guys plz stop with the tanks- dave damn it fbi i surrender, i'll do w

Entry by dubayou

ml_- Virgin 3G 12:00 AM Messages Buddy Edit ily baby< <3 ily2 2 babe!!! rich says hi im being told i must turn my phone off for takeoff or the plane w

AT&T 3G 2:14 AM Messages Meelie Earhart Edit i just cant believe this amazing scenery :)) im fliying low to get a better look at the islands there inc

Entry by MasterDayton

ml. NEWUSA 3G 9:32 PM Messages Nate Pendleton Edit Hey, my man Hamilton, you sure about this? Don't worry, lol. Burr couldn't hit the broad side of a

Entry by John Mulroy

ROM 3G 10:22 l_. AM Messages Pliny Snr. Edit W0000000000OO!! ! Whaddap uncy? Did ye make it? Damn right l did! Your favourite uncle's King of Vesuvius


mll Seattle 3G 9:30 PM Messages Dan Cooper Edit DB where are you? I'm waiting at the rendezvous point! My jump was delayed, I'll be there ASAP, trying