25 Error Messages You Never Want To See in Real Life

Few things in life make us want to destroy something beautiful than seeing a computer error message. We asked you to show us what happens when those harbingers of doom translate into our everyday lives. Winner got $100 ...


25 Error Messages You Never Want To See in Real Life

Entry by Manx MacReady

Your lover's profile not X was loaded correctly! You have been making love to a temporary profile. Please see the event log or contact your local psyc

Entry by Tengo55

Sewer.net Upload Failed Sewer.net Upload Failed The remote system has retumed an error Error confirming user upload privileges. Preparing force down

Entry by gicusudoru

Create Adam X Error: Error in action ExecuteAction Error in action ExecuteAction X Error in action ExecuteSeript OK Sico Messages Detals CRACKEDCON

Entry by Manx MacReady

25 Error Messages You Never Want To See in Real Life

CRACKEDCON A device is not working properly, because of an unknown error. Visual acuity may degrade rapidly past a meter. (You should get that checked


CRACKED.COM Life Support x This program hae porformed an ilegal operatian and will be ehudown If the problem persists, contact ha starship vandor

Entry by BurroFuma

CARD Error: Account Not Found! Transaction: 7/8/2013-$140,243 withdrawn by His Royal Highness Mmbuto Okoye Transaction: 7/9/2013- Account closed by Hi

Entry by jfg

25 Error Messages You Never Want To See in Real Life

Entry by AM Smiley

BANGE 3ANOINS BANG BANA ALL THE SITES FOR THE Hey, Genius x i Your boss Names is looking over your shoulder. Po Shit Holy Shit

Entry by Majextic

iutiiuictuy The baby cannot be found The baby you looking are for might have been removed, had its name changed. or is temporarily uinavailable. CRACK

Entry by gicusudoru

se Your approximate location Your approximate location Your approximate location Your approximate location : Your approximate location CRACKED COM to

Entry by Agent Spiff


Entry by mngamojemo

Error: An error occurred in this error. The error has been reerrored and the recursion process erred. Abort, Retry, Fail? C: Abort, Rotry, Fail? C: \

Entry by SlyConMan

CRACKED COM X x Deploy Airbag? Yes

Entry by GallopGhost

Well, this Is embarrassing! The rocket wasn't fitted with any Oxygen. Please try again. 0o00d 00020 CRACKEDC COM

Entry by Celi

czerka Vocabulator 9000 404 Voice module James Earl Jones not found. Now loading backup module Steve Urkel Nooonoooooooooooo000o CRACKED COM

EAT COCK CRACKED.COM EAT COCK unt Zumotherlucker DICHS ? Language malfunction. Proceed with caution. OK Puss Ychoweler. OI P

Entry by Perusse

City Bus X X Driver Not Responding Try Again Cancel

Entry by Grassyfilth

Bhut do yer acreet. acain, tolloh au 1a'c apace. If driver 1B iT the atop 1$5ago ble tha driyor O check meufeturr far driver updatos. ry changing vida

Entry by MagicJewelBus

CRACKEDCO COM MONTECRISTO Could Not Toke X X Your.weed not found. Contact roommate. Not cool, bro!

Entry by Chad_

340 1334UU LNAV/VNAV A/P 20 Error x LandingGear.dll cannot be found - 35200 The file may have been deleted or corrupted. Please restart the plane. 00


CUFF MIDDLE 15851 11 MONITOR EKG wuuluuuuuwuluuuuuuut PACE AUS 167: ST AUS WlU S1 AUS VES AUS c02 73 SPO2 % 8 30 DAY TRIAL EXP IRED PLETH TEMP 2 TA 38

Entry by JoelDurhamJr

category title price ship to ship from Prescription Codeine 400MG Combined Strength *Free Ship* 82.24 Woridwide Worldwide add to cart Prescription Cod

Entry by ramirezstvn

CRACKED co COM pregnant Error 666 not pregnant