23 Famous Movie Plots Easily Solved by Text Messages

It's hard to watch pre-2000 movies without thinking about how often the plots could have been solved in five minutes if everybody had just had cell phones. We asked you to show us how some of our favorite movies would've played out if the characters had modern mobile phones. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by blybug

CRACKED COM 7:55 AM 100% 3 Friday 22 Contacts Calendar Photos Camera kindle x Kinl PUGO efOP Reminder Samantha's 16th Birthday Close View f Settings F

Entry by ehsanarbabi

-l AT&T 12:34 PM Messages Jackie Treehorn Edit There are 2 Lebowskis?? FFS we already went over this! The rich guy in the wheelchair. Riiiiight, ok we

Entry by Phighter

IL.. Mice 3G 9:32 AM Messages Lennie Small Edit Stay away from Curley's wife. Ok George Tell me about the rabbits again CRAGKED Send

Entry by MsFish

23 Famous Movie Plots Easily Solved by Text Messages


Till NOKIA ARP Michae'z *****TEXT FROM SKYNET: ********Yo this one. Sarah Sarsh Sarah CRACKED COM


Joe Anyguy FORWARD TO EVERYONE! I just sprayed one of the aliens with my hose, and it DIED! I seriously think these things dont like water. 5:00 PM. J

Entry by Phighter

IL.. MONTE 3G 1:05 AM Messages Romeo Edit Came up with a plan. Got a knockout drug from Friar I'm going to be out for a few days. Come get me at the c

Entry by DreamPuff

AT&T 3G 7:22 PM Messages Cinderella Edit Hey! I'm glad I got your number at the beginning of the dance. You rushed off pretty quickly last night. Yeah

Entry by BRWombat

S 5:16 : URGENT: per Food Service Division, all fish A is tainted. Instruct all crew members: DO NOT serve or eat the fish! 4:54 Surely you can't be s

Entry by Sksmith

AT&T 30 11:15 AM Messages Leonard Shelby Fdi Hi Leonard, want to know who killed your wife? Who are you? If you know who did it, please tell me. Know


ABC DEF 3 2 H K 5 204 949-5592 (w8.230) 6 N 7 'Rs R S 8 9 0eo TUv WXY Et Dinwiddle Messages name the guys Whar's first base? on Hu. Thanks. Sond

Entry by Trigaba

l.. Ant Arc 3G 6:08 AM Messages Lars Edit Hunden kemmer! Du ma drepe den! In English, Asshole! Dog is murderous shape-shifting alien! Kill it! Whateve

Entry by Otto_Dudeman

Us nl.. Cell 3G 10:00 AM Messages C. Griswald Edit My family and I are coming to Wally World for vacation. May we pre-purchase some tickets? I'm sorry

Entry by McFly85

ail.. Verzion 3G 3:42 PM Messages Mjr. 'King' Kong Edit Hey, how come you're not heading back to the base. Radio busted, we're still on the bomb run b

Entry by Phighter

IL.. Thelist 3G 12:46 PM Messages Oskar Edit Hey Oskar, I was thinking of something. What were you thinking Emilie? Why don't you sell that pin? It's

Entry by blybug

OZ&Z nl_. 3G 6:47 PM Messages Glinda Edit btw, forgot to tell u... .click ur heels together 3 times and u can go home k thx CRAGKED Send


Entry by luxztizer

LUKDRGN 3G 10:12 AM Messages Princess Edit Hey Atreyu, You don't have to walk all this way, I just need the human to give me a name. What's a human? D

Entry by Alex Race

mill AT&T 2:15 AM 20% Messages 555-967-2930 Edit What's your favorite scary movie? Hey, who is this? Time is running out... Billy you asshole, I looke

Entry by eay6277

at&t 3G 2:45 PM Messages Sirius Edit Sirius! r u ok?? I had a vision that voldemort was torturing u! lol calm down harry i'm fine. i'm SO glad! i was

Entry by drudru

Unichic 3G 3:48 PM Messages DAD Edit Junior- Here's the walkthrough for the three challenges. 1. The Path of God. Look for the blade -- DUCK. 2. The W

Entry by Sksmith

#al.. Romat&t 3G 3:15 PM Messages Marcus Crassus Edit The guy with the butt chin is Spartacus. Finally! tyvm. GRACKEDCON Send

Entry by Blkaddr

atll Verizon 3G 03:48 PM 100% Messages Thomas Wayne Edit Hey Alfred, Bruce is a little freaked out by the opera, can you come by the front and pick US