If Everything in Life Came With Online Customer Reviews

One of the perks of online shopping (besides the anonymity while buying that ointment for itchy crotch) is being able to check out the good and bad reviews from everyone who bought the product before you. We asked you to apply this convenient tool to real life using the magic of image manipulation. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

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Roxi-Pop G. 0CO 41 reviews Categories: Prostitutes, Escorts, Call Girls (Edit) East Colfax Ave. & Ulster St. (in the Wendy's parking lot) Denver. Co 8

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Brian Hilliard Eugene, OR 3 1/3 Years Old RATE-A-SON Rating: Based off: 2 Reviews Janice Hilliard, Eugene OR I made him a casserole but he refused to

GRAGKEDe CONT Worst Best Local males of dating age Person Mental attributes Physical attributes Men (27-37) Sanity Intelligence Memory Voice Appearanc

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CRAGKEDCOM LIFE experienced Home: Spouse: Simple Tasks Sent Husband to the Store Reviewed by IrritatedWife (Anaheim, CA)- all my reviews This idiot ge

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ORAGKEDCOM Gary's 9:00 a.m. Bowel Movement by GARY AAAA Like (233) iet Price: $3.99 Price: $0.25 You Save: $3.74 (94%) In Stock. Shios from aad sold b

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Previous 1 2 I Next 49 of 50 people found the following review helpful The greatest irony of all? January 8, 201 By Johnny3 See all my reviews This re

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If Everything in Life Came With Online Customer Reviews


GRAGKEDG CON Review Bradley White What a catch! Half a star for every inch of dong this suave mother fuckers packing. Gods gift to women with oversize

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CRACKED  COM H: 479 41 Atlanta L: 40 Wet and unpleasant gwinnettguy67 (Feb. 25. 2013) This really isn't what had in mind when got up this morning. did

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CRACKED CONT Customer reviews for: Human Female Mammary Glands Share: f t p Star rating based on 996,234,776,838,051 customer reviews 100% of reviewer

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Fire C 4,617 reviews Gronk Fire good. Me like. Me put bison over, feel better in mouth and stumak. Blorn Me like. Keep wulf away. Wulf no take small o


If Everything in Life Came With Online Customer Reviews

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Sex with my Boyfriend DOD 16S reviews Rating Details Category. Adult 8888 N Scottsdale Rd Scottsdale. AZ 88888 (555) 423-4556 Add Photes S Explore the

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Customer Reviews DEATH 1 Review PURCHASED 108.000,000.000 TIMES 5 star: 4 star: Share your thoughts with other customers 3 star: Create 2 star: your o

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If Everything in Life Came With Online Customer Reviews

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The Garden Of Eden 1 review Rating Details Categories: Paradise (New) 1001 Garden Parkway (between Tigris & Euphrates Rivers) Eden, Earth 00001 Neighb

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yelp Search for taco. cheap dinner Max's) Near (Address. Cey State or Zio) Aisle 5 Aisle 4 ? Real peopler. Real reviews. Welcome About Me Write Review

You are reviewing Mathematics I think I'm starting to get it. The manual was not very clear. Would consider recommending to a friend.. 15l 210 of Star

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CRAGKED Customer Reviews Arson 5 star: (275) 4 star: (57) 3 star: (30) 2star: (22) star: (275) Not for me by Chris Tried it out once last week...it wa

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CRACKED.COM Brandon K. Smith (33 customer reviews) Features Single White Male 36 Years Old College Educated Employed Healthy & Fit Customer Reviews G

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Customer Reviews CRACKEDCON The Apocalypse 2 Reviews Average Customer Review (2 customer reviews) 5 star: 4star: Share your thoughts with other surviv

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If Everything in Life Came With Online Customer Reviews

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Hand Customer Reviews (25) 4.3 out of 5 stars 5 star 15 4 star 2 3 star 8 2 star 0 1 star 0 See all 25 customer reviews The most helpful favorable rev

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Customer Reviews What Mom Made for Dinner Tonight Great as always, honey! by Husband Mmmmm...e .everything looks delicious! Great spaghetti and salad

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HARLEM SHAKE GRAGKEDO Basuer Category: Memes 1,172,102 Date: 2013 353 2013 27 HARLEM SHAKE Details: Introduced in early February of the Harlem Shake i

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Nipples on Your Body CRACKED THEY'RE GREAT, LOVE IT, February 21, 2013 By Jessica H. (NEWBERRY, FL) See all my reviews This review is from: Nipples on