13 Emails That Shed New Light on Famous Scandals

With CIA operatives now getting busted via their gmail accounts, we started wondering why people haven't been poking around in inboxes all along. We asked you to show us inside some inboxes that would have shed light on scandals that had to be ferreted out the old fashioned way. The winner is below, but first the runners up ...

Entry by fairfax

CRACKED COM x Send To: PrezBill@aol.com Copy To: Send Now Subject: RE: Messy Ghost Arial 10 B U A AA Exts 0a 4D0 Send Later Mr. President, Address We

Entry by tnetennba

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Entry by therobfather

13 Emails That Shed New Light on Famous Scandals

Entry by skim172

Home Communities Company Blogs Support Members Feedback Training Partners Targeted Email Edit Email Content From emait address: Tricky.Dick@whitehouse

Entry by skim172

CRACKEDCON Recipient Name: Rep. Anthony D. Weiner Recioient Address: Weiner.mobilescongress.oov CC Address: ISpecial Surgical Staff- Mew Yok Regionatl

Entry by j21

Options... GRAGKEDO COM To. aviseyadema35@rocketmal.com Cc... Subject: Re: GREETINGS IN JESUS NAME Dear Mr. Eyadema - am very interested in your propo

Entry by j21

13 Emails That Shed New Light on Famous Scandals

Entry by j21

To janet@jackson.com Add Cc Add Bcc Subject Re: your outfit Attach a file Insert: Invitation I T OD E:2399 Check Spelling Ix Plain Text Ms. Jackson, D

Entry by j21

Send Chat Attach Address Fonts Colors Save AS Draft Photo Browser Show Stationery To: president@whitehouse.gov Cc: Subject: Arms to Iran From: Oliver

Entry by j21

GRACKEDo CON Sind ras Rch Cancet a.alsayid@me.gov.ig, on CE To cuttomerservicedheant.com Sublect: Deivery comolaint tnert: Altacments Office docs Phet

Entry by Blipvert

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Entry by Corpsy

To... Bush. George Cc... Send Bec... Subject: RE: Waterboarding Colin Powell Secretery of State From: Bush, George Sent: July 31, 2002 12:37 PM To: Po