If Autocorrect Existed Throughout History

People love showing off all the ways that autocorrect has turned their innocent conversations into filth ridden sexual propositions. We asked you to imagine history if it had been helping us miscommunicate all along. The winner is below, but first the runners up ...


Messages Dr. Freud Edit Hey Doc, I'm going to be late for my appointment. I have to bring my mother to orgasm. LOL omg... origami class* Anyway, I'll

Entry by Mr.Jacobs

mil_. PreHist 3G 5:04 PM Messages Oogak Edit Oogak OO Oogak grog Grognak Grognak gurr Grug Grug...? **Glog!!!!! Haw haw haw CRACKED'CON

Entry by Alex Race

l.. AT&T 3G 12:36 AM 100% Messages Auto Voter... Edit VOTE Hello Florida resident! Please reply with your chosen candidate. Only one response accepted

Entry by RA2

Messages Hannibal Edit Hasdrubal, the time has come for us to bring the war to the Romans. Bring me 10,000 horses and all the carrots, potatoes, and e


utllEgypT&T 2:52 PM 91% Messages (1) Moses Edit Pharaoh still will not set US free! I will send you 10 plagues to humble him. *plaques ! Not Delivered


If Autocorrect Existed Throughout History

Entry by maluba

AT&T 3G 6:17 PM Messages Louis Edit My dear, the people have no bread to eat. Let them eat cock. Uh.......? CRACKED'CO COM

Entry by Jorster

l.. Verizon 3G 6:11 PM Messages Jesus Edit But whoever eats of my body and drinks of my blood has eternal life, and I shall raise him in the last day.


.. Teslaco 3G 9:27 AM Messages Teddy R Edit So, Teddy, what are we going to call this third party? I'm thinking the Bull Moose Party. lol, autocorrect

Entry by DixonUranus

ol.. AT&T 3G 9:13 AM 100% Messages Pontius Pilate Edit Have you made your decision, Pontius? Free Barabbas this Passover. As you wish, prefect. Wait!

Entry by jon819

TelCel 3G 7:06 AM Messages GOD Edit Next passage? K If a man lays with a man as he lays with a woman, both men must be stoned. Boned* If two dudes h