Texts from Last Night (From Famous Fictional Characters)

The Internet loves sharing their awesome text messages and typo ridden chat logs with us. We've seen so many vaguely entertaining exchanges that we started to wonder what it would be like if we actually knew who any of these people were. We asked you to show us, using some of your favorite fictional characters. The winner is below, but first the runners up ...

Entry by keinkampf

all RedNet 3G 1:02 AM Messages Chewbacca Edit We need Hyperdrive NOW! What's going on!? The N21-4 power converter had a melted core due to cryonics fa

Entry by okenter

asll_. vodafone 3G 07:20 PM 66 % Messages Leonard S. Edit Hey Teddy. it's Leonard! I've got great news! I woke up this morning and found a Polaroid of


sal Verizon 3G 05:48 AM 100% Messages Bran Edit U still picking me up 7? Hodor. ...is that a yes...? Hodor. can i get an emoticon or something? Hodor.

Entry by th0tmaster

l_ Verizon 3G 11:45 PM Messages Calleigh Edit Horatio. someone broke into Bill Gates' house a while back. Looks like he needs to... reinstall his wind

Entry by doveton

ml.. Verizon 3G 8:14 AM Messages Chris Moltisanti Edit Hey Chris, i took out Adriana like you asked Ah thanks Silvio, i owe you one. where you take he

Entry by doveton

Verizon 3G 6:24 PM Messages Leia Edit You ok? Youve been acting strange ever since you went back to Dagobah I'm fine i missed you XX you miss me? um,

Entry by dw1039

AT&T 3G 3:07 PM Messages Barney Edit Hey Gordon gna need that passcode for Dog that Kleiner gave you, having some issues here Yeh thats cute Gordon, s

Texts from Last Night (From Famous Fictional Characters)


Fed-Ex 3G 1:02 AM Messages Chuck N. Edit I AM glad to have you I tell you my hopes, my dreams.. But you just sit there.. You'r SO glum, SO pessimistic

Entry by polykleitos

John Connor More Tim: hey john, i know some girls who would like to have sexual intercourse with us but we have to meet them right now at the galleria

Entry by hannaugh

tll Verizon 3G 10:43 PM 100% Messages King Arthur Edit Hey girl, you're looking hot today. You know love it when you tease me with that red dress. It'

Entry by frenchfood

WAYNE 3G 4:35 AM Messages Bruce Edit Dick, about WHAT happened... Bruce..it's ok We were both drunk I'd rather not talk about it ok ok you wanna come

Entry by RA2

AT&T 3G 7:37 AM Messages Heisenberg Edit Jesse, I need you to do a supply run, we're all out of rubber tubing. We need the .609 diameter make. clear.

l.. ATT 3G 10:00 AM Messages Tyler Edit Hey man, don't forget to pick up that lye Hey man, don't forget to pick up that lye Seriously. This is like th

Entry by doveton

#l.. Verizon 3G 9:22 AM Messages Mysterious Voice Edit if you build it, he will come done ease his pain done go the distance done film the postman d

Entry by DixonUranus

SL.. AT&T 3G 2:00 PM 100% Messages Shaggy Edit Hey Shaggy. Scoob? Rorry. Rotto Rorrect. Zoinks! ORACKEDOON Send


AT&T 3G 7:40 AM Messages D. Duck Edit RABBIT SEASON duck season RABBIT SEASON duck season RABBIT SEASON rabbit season DUCK SEASON fuck you GRACKED.CON


AT&T 3G 09:32 PM 100% alto Messages Lil John Edit Can you pick me up? WhhhhAaAAAAtttttt? Can you pick me up? WWHhhhaaaaaaattttt? Can you pick me up? O


l. TELLUS 3G 11:38 PM Messages Gandalf Edit You called? Frodo! Come to the bar right now! There are maidens everywhere! Sorry, Gandalf. I'm actually p

Entry by blybug

AT&T 3G 8:30 AM Messages Anne Sullivan Edit Helen, it's time for your lesson GRACKED Send