21 Facebook Features That Need to Exist

The day after Facebook makes a change to their design or features, the internet shuts down for twenty four hours of complaining about Facebook. We asked you to show us some of the changes that would actually be worth all the bitching and moaning that would inevitably follow. The winner is below, but first the runners up ...

Entry by yaz

CRACKEDCO Jill Smith Dinner tonight! Yum! Like Unsee Comment Unfollow Post September 13 at 7: 7:55pm via mobile

Entry by evemaphone

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Entry by drudru

CRACKEDCON Justin Elliott Want chocolate or ice cream. Preferably chocolate in ice cream. Chocolate in coffee ice cream. Homestead Creamery Espresso C

Entry by LordChicken

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Entry by StickPig

Uh oh! Facebook has detected that you have been gawking at pictures of your relatives in swimwear at 3:42 AM for extended periods of time while listen

Entry by hannaugh

1 Search for people, places and things Update Status Add Photo Video Ask Question OMG you guys, r just read that Jack In the Box is totally using kang

Entry by frenchfood

Search for people, places things Amber Blake Messages Act Amber Blake 45 minutes ago Hi Petal You wereso funny in class today U really made me lol :-)

Entry by hannaugh

21 Facebook Features That Need to Exist

Entry by SamSpahn

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Entry by McFly85

Status Photo Place Life Event Thanks everyone for your religious/political posts. You've really made me reconsider my deeply held beiefs Friends Post

Entry by runner-runner

CRACKEDOON Wanda Gotaway Messages Actions Wanda Gotaway Monday Listen, you need to accept that it's over and I don't want to see you anymore. I will a

Entry by karmakimmy7

facebook Search for people, places and things General Delete My Facebook Account Security Notifications Deleting your account will instantly and irrev

Entry by guydouglas

Grandma Me Hi Honey! Your mom told me about the bad news See Friendship you got at the Doctor's. I'm sorry! Next time you visit me I'll make your favo


CRACKEDC COM Search for people, places and things Update Status Add Photo Video Ask Question YO PEEPZ ME N MY BF GOT TIKITZ TO THA JB CONSERT!!! OMG!!

Entry by guydouglas

Follow Post Jane Doe Hey! l found this great new site that will find all the Hide... best deals on your favorite household products Vis www.deals4Ullk

Entry by drquesadilla

MB Wall Info Dhotos Boxas Notes oops You have exceeded the maximum number of vague, angsty status updates for the day. Please try again tomorrow. Okay

Entry by chicagonative

CRAGKEDOON Status Photo Place Life Event Woke up naked in some frat dude's bed last night. Massive hangover. Not going to class today. Friends Post Pu

Entry by beefybooyawn

facebook Search for people, places and things General What version of Facebook would you like to use? Security Notifications 2006 Subscribers s Apps 2


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Entry by runner-runner

21 Facebook Features That Need to Exist