23 Website Warning Labels That Ought to Exist

Bottles of shampoo and other substances you shouldn't drink bare warning labels aimed at the stupidest people possible. However, when it comes to websites, we're usually left without warnings that even marginally intelligent people would find useful, despite all evidence suggesting they're mostly used by people who are drinking shampoo with their free hand. We asked you to show us some labels that should be on the websites we use every day. The winner is below, but first the runners up ...

Entry by tastynubbins

GRAGKEDOON You Tube Welcome to Youtube X For your viewing pleasure, it is recommend you turn OFF comments now Welcome to Youtube x KEN BLO FIVE: ULT N


Twitter Bird Warning X If you are NOT here to talk about Sion in - What you ate for lunch - How much you hate politicians - How much you love sex Twit

Entry by MijelRiak

CRACKEDOOM Google images salad tossing Content Advisory Warning! X Pee Certain words and phrases may have X alternate meanings that you are not yet aw

Entry by spirit706

CRACKEDOON 3 fet on n X wwwpoehbcom WAiedis Olmon Tour 0 Voutobe -Bradere. Dandos on -Lit.. whk Pormnub NETWORK Porn hub Linot Lin MAEES OO YOLW WET H

Entry by TylerM

Oate ADON CRACKED.COM The SCP Foundation Te Serate eie am Mestert The SCP Foundation al Classilfied Matertall Berwond This Priint Unautherined acCRSS

Entry by TimXCampbell

F Drew Curtis' FARK.com CRACKEDco C www.fark.com FARK... Warning: Mastery of Fark's hundreds of inside jokes does not measurably increase your odds of

Entry by spirit706

Dounload music movies CRACKEDCON C thepiratebay.se W Wilipeds OnlioeGuihe Tunee Gmi tvhinkoy Google Telate Cckse Wotrh Mo.. Zombies Warning X This is

Entry by sorcharocks

GRACKEDO Mal lanana Va en Grander ivamos airotaro Minne 54 Sac Inan aG Dallns 85 EYIN Antoni It Is Impossible... Impossible to Miss... Not to laugh at

Entry by sorcharocks

It Cut et Go GoDaddy 24/7 Sudort (480) 606-8877 Wei A Peoduaces Cart Domain Names Webslhas A Hosting Web Tools Your new website d starts with Thterhet

Entry by n00d3l5

amazon GRACRED Your Amasontom Today's Deals GA cardS Help CON Shoo DY HAA Ciothing & Aeesses shirt Go Department- Seates wo Yotr Clothing & Accessorie

Entry by Manx MacReady

CRACKED COM HOME NEWS MISSIONS MILTIMEDTA CONNC NASA Sesh e Prublic L Foe aatoe hdoohe Meds Dant EVENTS 2 hewtes Ses Coriely Lanteg Y 60OW STL 1S0 You

Entry by Kalli

The Last Sa... More Dakka... The Americ... Cherry Blos... Star Trek- pes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/HomePage Cracked.com Americ... Astronomy Picture o

Entry by Kaeetayel

CRACKEDOO My www.myspace.com ton - ae WeD, eny Sa myspace, Sign up Login Search People X ry The page at myspace.com says: You do realise nobody uses l

Entry by JomSadie

You JiZZ CA - Analoy SLOW. DOWN e er Dthe t e. o your downloads cowboy these pussies are not going anywhere CRAGKED CON

Entry by DannyLee

All Comments (280) der herpt This COmment has an estimated 192% idiocy fate Are sure you DOS DERP you want lo it2 OK Cancel 457 charadti herp herp der

Entry by elipsis

Accessories' Socks American Apparel American Apparel MUS- MvAccount* Shoeoing Bag Ciick Nere Ameriean Apared Comnpany Weoste Made the USA New Niow Bas


CRAGKEDCOM d deviontaRt Warning Browse It is recommended that the following Deviations NSEW queries only be searched with the adult Prints Shop Deviat

Entry by BurnedBridge

Google+ CRAGKEDCON Add people you know You hat you fends & anily shring You ads ein i-am m AS peccke Suggestions iC PEOPLE 2 Clayton Mary Anm Ae De Wa

Entry by Burkmire

1 You have a friend request. Your Boss (some random network) Would you like to confirm Your Boss as your friend? Your Boss can only see your limited p

Entry by Barnshaw

CRACKEDOOM 4chan -based bulletin board where anyone can post comments and share images. There are boards de Japanese animation and culture to videogam

Entry by atomicobra

yahoo search - Google Sea CRAGKED X COM C https/wwwgooglecom/#hl=en&gs.nf:1&tok=PdFd2ZTwmzi Google yahoo search Search About results (0.

Entry by andrealibs

CRAGKEDCON craigslist absolutely anywhere post to classifieds community housing jobs my account activities lost+found apts housing accounting+finance

Entry by Jouzou

WebMD 1o> 1 2079 T t 0 Note! X N There are thousands of diseases whose symptoms include nausea, headache and vomiting. You DO NOT haye all of them. To