21 Tiny Changes That Would Ruin Great Websites

As people who spend too much of their life on Facebook will tell you, the slightest redesign can totally ruin even the most popular websites. We asked you to ruin some of your favorite sites with minor tweaks. The winner is below, but first the runners up ...

Entry by Teh_Bucket

21 Tiny Changes That Would Ruin Great Websites

Entry by Grimmikins

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Entry by heyoka

21 Tiny Changes That Would Ruin Great Websites

Entry by ClydeM

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Entry by GundamPanda

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Entry by ClydeM

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Entry by Tim Babb

21 Tiny Changes That Would Ruin Great Websites


21 Tiny Changes That Would Ruin Great Websites

Entry by Timotheus

21 Tiny Changes That Would Ruin Great Websites


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Entry by HT_Miser

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Entry by Lunachick71

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Entry by lemonstar

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Entry by Pdesil

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Entry by kevkevinkev

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Entry by lemonstar

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Entry by Fireplug

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Entry by brendiggg

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Entry by kerbinsour

21 Tiny Changes That Would Ruin Great Websites

Entry by maluba

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