16 Characters Who Got Their Start as Second-Bananas

Writing for franchises is complicated. It’s a complex ecosystem where you coexist with a lot of other artists while obeying corporate masters. Sometimes a character is off-limits, or the actor who plays it isn’t available -- or you just plain don’t feel like using it. In that case, you can repurpose a different character -- or, being a creative type, just do what creative types do and creativify.

And that’s what this list is about. All the characters listed here got their start as second-rate substitutes (and a few even got stuck there).


Jessica Jones Trish Walker replaced Captain Marvel. Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg intended to have Carol Danvers as Jessica Jones' close friend, just l

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Star Trek VI Valeris Saavik. replaced By the time of Star Trek's sixth movie, Kirstie Alley had become unaffordable for the film's budget - and the cr

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The Boys Translucent replaced Jack from Jupiter. In the comic, a member of the Seven is an alien named Jack from Jupiter (a parody of DC'S Martian Man

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Star Trek: Enterprise T'Pol replaced T'Pau. The Vulcan commander was originally intended to be a young version of T'Pau, from the iconic episode Amok

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Doctor Who The Toclafane (almost) replaced The Daleks. When Doctor Who was revived in 2005, issues concerning the rights to use the Daleks forced

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Game of Thrones Talisa Maegyr replaced Jeyne Westerling. In George R. R. Martin's books, Robb Stark's downfall begins when he marries Jeyn

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The Godfather Frank Pentangeli replaced Peter Clemenza. The plotline involving Pentangeli in The Godfather Part I was written for Clemenza, the Godfat

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Teen Titans Miss Martian Supergirl replaced Teen Titans writer Geoff Johns wanted the girl from Krypton to join the team, but DC had the character ear

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Doctor Manhattan replaced Captain Atom. Alan Moore's pitch featured the Charlton Comics

Sources: CBR, Screen Rant


The Matrix Trilogy Link replaced Tank. Tank, the operator aboard Morpheus' ship, was still alive at the end of The Matrix- -but actor Marcus Chong got

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The Lord of the Rings Legolas replaced Glorfindel. J.R.R. Tolkien intended for Glorfindel, a super-elfalready established in his mythology, to be a pa

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Kira Nerys replaced Ro Laren. The creators wanted the Bajoran officer who had first appeared in The Next Generation to be t

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Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer General Hager replaced Nick Fury Some of Hager's lines are lifted straight out of Nick Fury's comics because

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Masters of the Universe Gwildor replaced Orko. You can't expect a He-Man movie set mostly on Earth for money reasons to spend a single dim

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Marvel Comics Firestar replaced The Human Torch. FoR the 1981 cartoon Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, Peter Parker was going to be roommates with

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STAR WARS Ewoks were the new Wookiees. George Lucas wanted to pit the Empire against a primitive species and in an early draft of the first movie, t

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