How Movie/TV Villains Would Look On The Dating Scene, IRL

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Even villainous villains and monstrous monsters need love. But hatching evil plans is time-consuming, so it only follows that they'd need to turn to dating apps to find that someone special. So we asked our plasticians to show us some online dating profiles for notorious villains and monsters. Then we evaluated the profiles to figure out which ones we'd swipe right on.

Oh, and we gave cash to our favorite, which is below. Runners-up, first.

Entry by Scott Laffey

Tom, 69 11 km away Sensitive yet virile, you can lose yourself in my diary before I reveal my enormous muggle-smashing serpent. Swipe right to have a

Entry by Scott Laffey

Ani, 45 About Sub looking for a new Dom after a freakish accident involving a reactor core (don't ask.) Likes: Leather bodysuits. Choking. Dislikes: S

Entry by NinjaBill

0 Sordc 1127 AM 100 X Search Profile Titan of Love 22 .About Me: A sensitive soul, just looking for love. Favorite Hobby: Gardening Turn Ons: Green Sk

Entry by Manx MacReady

AduitFriendFinder Nailedlt69 Labyrinth, Hell I'm into light bondage and the lament configuration My Photos My Videos Status 1CUE CRAGKEDOON

Entry by Catfighter

Verizon LTE 3:48 PM GRBAKED Done x Cersei, 34 About Cersei Like to be in control. Have a special thing for my brother. I never let morals get in my wa

Entry by Eraser

The Kurgan CD Headhunter at The Gathering On the horizon Hello, pretty! ...I'm into leather, studs, and swords. I go to church, and I hang out with Sc

Entry by arayryanr

RDSMEET o ASK TO DATE ALIEN 7.8 km away About me: I'm ready for a short term relationship. Looking for someone to bear my children, have been wounded

Entry by Sonny Time

*O Ego I'm looking to start a family. Our child will grow up and help me conquer the universe. Take a chance on love. I guarantee it will change your


CRACKED.COM The Joker 28, Arkham Looking for someone to put a smile on this face. Likes: A little fight in you. Dislikes: Schemers, my father, The Bat


Ll7w 1 promise you; / will steal your heart!

Entry by Eraser

Headspinner, 12 6.66 miles away Free spirit, (currently bedbound), longs for fiery relationship with a father figure. Speak Latin?. ...huge turn on! S

Entry by Michael Riel

Cruella de Vil I am a fashion guru and business owner looking for some puppy love. I am quite the catch, just ask the men who have written songs about

Entry by SheetCuck

O00 Palantir 7:04 PM %o Done X CRACKEDOO Sauron, 54,000 1100 miles away Active 17 hours ago Extroverted, very open minded, always listening. Also expe

Entry by Sonny Time

CRACKEDc COM Jason 000 I'm a good boy looking for a mommy domme. Not interested in sex - must be willing to help punish those that are. Lifeguard expe

10-+ NaughtyTohty, 54 Write a message Adventurer who loves to travel Kink-friendly Looking for a partner in crime Are you the angel who can make me m

Entry by Manx MacReady

Edit Info Lord Humungus, 42-96? Lord of the Wasteland Bowling Industry Management and Technology in the Before Time Don't just walk away. If you give

Entry by John Sherwood

CRACKEDOON Grimmy, 47 Fargo, ND The smooth smoothie takes you to Pancakes House and then for bang at Travelodge.

Entry by djHanDon

CRACKEDGON X W Goouys Hi, I am a good guy, let's play! Charles Lee Ray Age: 21. Kids love me.

Entry by dbsousa

4G 61% 15:40 Norman, 28 11 km away Small business owner, looking for partner in crime! I am a straight edge (no partiers) but like a bit of cosplay no

Entry by Phrozin

ShatnerFan, 62 Haddonfield, IL B Family Oriented Good Listener Always There CRACKEDOON

Entry by Ka-ga-mi

Harvey, 39 About If you cannot accept me at my worst, then you don't deserve me at my best. GRAGKEDOOM


SCRATCH.COI com FastFreddy666 Springwood, OH Occupation: Dream Invader Drinks - no Smokes - no Likes (to kill) children- yes CRAN

Entry by masta_X

10 JigsawJoy, 52 Write a message Story I'm a civil engineer who's a puzzle enthusiast. Let's get together and play a game ; ;-) CRACKEDOON


Vlad D, 468 Fit, wealthy, older man interested in a feisty, hot blooded younger woman. Turn-ons: Long beautiful necks Turn-offs: Garlic breath CRACKED