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Look, we get it. There's a lot of entertainment out there, and nobody likes wasting their time. You need a way to figure out what to watch, read, play, or listen to next. Fortunately, our readers have done the legwork for you, and have submitted these examples of great, underrated movies, shows, games, and other entertainment that they recommend.

So the ball's in your court, now.

Entry by Kevin King

the woman chaser 1. It's a rare starring role for character actor Patrick Warburton 2. His deep, velvety smooth voice is perfect for this film noir co

Entry by Adam Nixon

CRACKEDOON E HAPPINESS OF THE KATAKURIS 1. It's a musical Ihorrorlcomedylfamily drama from the director of ICHI THE KILLER and AUDITION! 2. It's consi

Entry by Adam Nixon

united states of TTARA -1- A fabulous performance from star Toni Collette -2- Clever writing that explores dissociative identity disorder with both hu

Entry by arvind97

Reasons to listen 8D audio When you listento 8D audio, it feels 8D TUNES like the sound iscoming from around you You can ignore everything around you,

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