17 Minor Things That Make A Major First Impression

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Let's face it, human brains are lazy. They're always looking for shortcuts, and because of that we make weird, usually mistaken assumptions about people we haven't met. All based on some small, random thing we observe at a glance.

We asked readers to show us the most random conclusions their brains jumps to, based on minuscule, inconsequential bits of information about people.


CRACKEDG COM Every timel seea BMW 0O on the 6FYU399 road... L picture the driver asa 00 giant 1-i DOUCHE douche.

Entry by ERRiley

GRAGRED When see a security guard, 0 figure they must have flunked out of the police academy.

Entry by Busteq

If I meet someone using a MacBook... NON I immediately assume they don't know anything about computers, and will at some point ask me to read a script

Entry by ERRiley

CRAGKED.OOM When a woman greets me at the mechanic's shop, I first assume she works the front desk, EDO but it is entirely possible that she runs the

Entry by scandata

Whenever I see a bearded guy in a big pickup truck I always expect him to be a backwoods redneck

Entry by PookieJones

If I see a posed romantic photo on social media, I'll automatically think the couple isn't really happy. CRACKED

Whenever see somebody with a small dog... I instantly assume they're a good person. GRAGKED COM


When I see I always assume someone with a they have bad bushy beard....... hygiene. ORACKEDCON

Entry by Knick-Knack

When I see raging homophobes... HOMOSENUALITY IS AN NEVER MISSES ABOMINATION GAY TO GOD a EVENT ALMIGHTY MEUTTICUS 78822 just naturally assume they're

Entry by scandata

ORACKEDOOM A young, beautiful woman with a much older man? She's obviously a GOLD DIGGER

Entry by AmyanBridi

Every time I see someone wearing a scarf... I automatically assume that they are Muslim


Whenever 0 see an attractive blonde woman.oo O assume 000 she will be meanp spirted. CRACKED COM


If see somebody eating salad, L automatically assume they're on a diet... ...but maybe they just like eating salad. CRACKED COM

Entry by scandata

HELLS ANCELS MC P L almays ASuME bibers are daingerons criminas I could be wrong, though... IERIAL EMRISTIAN RIDERS t BROTHIERS

Entry by scandata

Whenever lCk RETA I see this, SPE I'd help if I knew wwwinic he was legit. HOMELESS SINGLE FATHER NEED MONEY fOR FAMILY But I always SPELIALISTS assum

Entry by PookieJones

GRACKED Whenever I see someone paying with eafo a wad of cash, my brain jumps to the IIIT assumption IM ALLSRTNI TERTS that they've gained it illegall

Entry by Knick-Knack

At the very first glance of any. red hat, always assume know you Well,