Aspects Of Everyday Life You Secretly Find Exhausting

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Our lives are filled with amazing technology and conveniences, and it's super great. Except that a lot of it is just soul-wringingly exhausting. What we can't figure out is how the rest of the world handles this stuff. We're guessing caffeine pills and robot assistants.

Entry by TheClam

I presently don't know how much money is in my bank account Online Banking Login: ********* Password: Security ********* Code: SUBMIT haveaivrences me

Entry by Busteq

Objectively speaking, having to do this once in a while isn't that much work... Reset Your Password Create a new password below. Remember, passwords h

Entry by portion

Sometimes SeX... ...Feels like it's not something my body was designed to do

Entry by Zinnavi

CRACKED CoM Most people love washing their hair. It's a relaxing and necessary thing to do. I just get stressed out. I hold my breath when my head is

Entry by Fermosalua3

for me is like reliving the horror of the school's yearbook picture. Taking a selfie... CRACKEDCON

Entry by Sonny Time

Driving... ...feels like I'm in a horror movie.

Entry by ERRiley

Aspects Of Everyday Life You Secretly Find Exhausting

Entry by ERRiley

Pumping gas is not a big deal. It's just one of those things we have to do. When I get gas, I feel like I want to go home and shower. NOW!

Entry by Zinnavi

Ordering food, like pizza, may be a normal, common weekend activity for some people... ...but for me, it's an exhausting, internal thought battle. Are

Entry by scandata

PARALLEL PARKING: Looks easy enough BUT IT FEELS LIKE: a one in a -million shot to get it right CRACKEDOOM

Entry by MiaVega

CRACKEIDOOIN Y2 SLEITHO e VME HeM H Asking is like me to asking remember me to where read I heard something something... in a dream.

Entry by Scott Laffey

Aspects Of Everyday Life You Secretly Find Exhausting

Entry by avariceisbad

Taking the clothes down, starting the u! machines, and hauling them back up probably takes a grand total of 15 minutes; but I dread the ordeal, and pu

Entry by scandata

ARGUING WITH A GIRLFRIEND When I'm trying to choose the right words SO it doesn't turn far worse... IT FEELS LIKE: TRYING I'M A DISARM TO TIMEBOMB (WI


Having an argument with someone online may look like this: But to me it feels as intense and draining as this:

Entry by masta_X

A church service is supposed to be spiritually uplifting and enlightening. But sometimes it feels like a fiery lecture on what's wrong with the world

Entry by PParker

Writing a short formal email for work or school should be simple. CRACKED.COM Formal Email Dear Mrs. Powell I am writing to request three-day leave of

Entry by ERRiley

All of to my love friends shop. 0 just find it tedious and exhausting.

Entry by TheClam

I live out of state from my parents and appreciate when, they can visit, but... 0 feel like every visit is an inspection of my life and an exhibit of