The Weird, Weird World That Advertisers Think We Live In

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Advertisers are loaded to the brim with information about their consumers. But more often than not, it seems like they disregard their data and the evidence of their own senses, and tailor their campaigns toward a world that objectively doesn't exist. We asked readers to give us a glimpse into the strange ways that advertisers seem to picture our lives. The winner got a hundred bucks.

Entry by hail2daking

Apparently there isn't anyone who has a strong grasp on how a milk jug operates. CRACKEDCOMT

Entry by TheClam

They're watching on hulu? CRAUN I don't see a problem with playing the same ad over and over again

Entry by TheClam

CRACKED.COM ls Mascot Loyalty a thing?

Entry by wonderfloam

TA ndhers Thragetric 1 Govfesoy Deakere Goplarkr PR ZAC The goal is recovery RITALIN-SR LuInestar We ALL need Twelvestonc THE Chronic Care ication Man

Entry by beefybooyawn

People tell me to sit down and relax. Itried it- once. swim to lose weight andwhat happens? gain an appetite. Periods t'Hang 10? Heck ican hardhy h

Entry by The_MoHan

Women only shave when their legs are already smooth and hairless. CRACKEDCON


The Weird, Weird World That Advertisers Think We Live In

Entry by Scott Laffey

Women can't wait to get time to themselves! CRACKED.OOM So they can CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN!

Entry by ERRiley

There can only be one reason that men watch tv as their partner sleeps. VIAGRA Pfizer 100 mg (elle Snn CRACKED.COM

Entry by ERRiley

The Weird, Weird World That Advertisers Think We Live In


CRACKED Playing the piano! According to advertisements, people are always able to function perfectly whilst drinking alcohol.

Entry by tpellegrino

CRACKEDCONT All husbands are lazy, selfish, uncaring morons who can't handle any mundane task! If commercial world was real life the divorce rate shou

Entry by TheClam

It's not a rooftop barbecue until someone brings a 6 screen for everyone to stare at CRACKED.COM

Entry by hail2daking

Everybody is either a professional stunt driver or just an a' hole. 190MEC