Sex Then And Now: 19 By-The-Numbers Comparisons

We've come a long way with the whole touching genitals together thing. The proof is in the numbers, which we're going to show you now.

Unfortunately there are no pictures of said genital touching. But numbers are sexy, too! Right?


CRACKEDGOM The average price of spending an hour with a female prostitute is lower now than it was several years ago. 2006: 2014: $340 $260

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Sex Then And Now: 19 By-The-Numbers Comparisons


T The amount of bisexual behavior undertaken by men and women has more than doubled over the past 20 years! CRACKED COM


The percentage of high schoolers who they've had has been say sex dropping for than more 20 years. The CDC has been conducting studies regarding the s

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In 2015, 45%/ of men reported wishing they were better endowed. THE ANCIENT GREEKS, HOWEVER, THOUGHI THAT LARGE PENISES WERE FOOLISH. THE MEN WITH T


Sex Then And Now: 19 By-The-Numbers Comparisons

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The current generation sleeps around less than the previous two generations. According to a survey of 33, .000 000 Americans, Baby Boomers have an ave


AVERAGE TIME SPENT ON A PORN SITE HAS DOUBLED IN JUST BYEARS. The average porn site visit in 2010 lasted 6 minutes, in 2013 that number was 12 minutes


According to a survey, 31% of Christians considered premarital sex to be wrong in 1983. In 2012, only 10% thought that!


WOMEN ARE MORE LIKELY TO HAVE A SAME-SEX EXPERIENCE THAN 20 YEARS AGO. A survey interviewed people ages 16-44 in I 990- I and 2010-2012. In the early

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PE YBOY ENTERAINMEV wewoleyonkcon MAY 2013 In October 2015, Playboy announced it would no longer publish female nudity. In 1971, the magazine sold 7 m

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Sex Then And Now: 19 By-The-Numbers Comparisons

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Dewlpweds, especially ropal ones, were once required to consummate their marriages in the presence of mitnesses. Hlarriages weren't considered balid u

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North Carolina's level of interest in transsexual porn grew at -average levels. KEER NC FAIR DON'T LEGISLATE DISCRIMINATION abcltoom f 5:31 76 SPORTS

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Ancient Egyptians had to get creative with their sex toys. Rumor has it that Cleopatra stuffed a box with live bees to put on her genitals for stimula

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Sex Then And Now: 19 By-The-Numbers Comparisons

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BDSM HAS BECOME THE FASTEST GROWING TREND IN SEX Previously considered a taboo, Bondage and Domination had always existed, but became wildly popular i

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Sex Then And Now: 19 By-The-Numbers Comparisons


Sex Then And Now: 19 By-The-Numbers Comparisons