15 Recovered Messages That Would Explain Bad Movie Decisions

"I wonder what the screenwriter was smoking?" and "Who thought Shia LaBeouf would be a good casting choice here?" have often been overheard around the Cracked offices water cooler the morning after Movie Night. Thanks to secret FBI data-recovering techniques we've learned of the conversations that led to some of the bizarre decisions made during the production. Surprisingly enough, blackmail isn't always involved.


AT&T 11:40 PM Messages Unknown Contact It'd be So embarrassing if people knew what you have in this thing. Ain't that right, Mr. De Niro? Text Message


15 Recovered Messages That Would Explain Bad Movie Decisions

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sal. AT&T3G 9:41 AM 97% Messages David S Goyer Edit I got your new draft to the Batman V Superman script and I have some issues with it wrote Joker ou


LEAVE ROOM BLACK JACK PAYS 3 TO 2 SIT HERE SIT HERE Blackjack Chat: Peter Jackson: SO nice to take a break from the Kong script. Peter Jackson: BTW du


AT&T 9:41 AM AT&T 9:41 AM Messages Michael Bay Contact Messages Michael Bay Contact Yesterday 10:47 P1 ok JUST SAW DIS MOVIE U NO WAT WELL MAKE IT A R


charlie kaufman Chats online did you see 9:35 inside the actors 9:35 Ha ha. Inside The Actors. I'd watch that show. 9:35 studio 9:36 ? 9:36 Tonight


AT&T 9:40 PM 50 Messages Josh Contact if i make it 2 hollywood ill just up and lose the pants every1 will get 2 see my huge naked rock-hard thing LOL

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.00 3G 47% Messages Christian Bale Contacts What kind of agent are you? This is insane. What happened? They put me in Val Kilmer's old suit. I feel li


Fran Walsh 1:17pm The studio called. They said they won't meet Cumberbatch's demands and we have to revise Battle. Peter F***ing Genius Jackson 1:17pm

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Rick Yorn Rick Yorn Hey Bobby, have you seen Shonda Rhimes' Ted Talk - My Year of Saying Yes to Everything? I think we should try it! That script I


...00 AT&T 10:35 AM 50% Messages Shyamalan Contact Hum... I know I should have checked with you earlier, but... You guys WILL be able to remove everyt


AT&T 4G 7:01 PM 63% Messages Abrams Contact December 14. 2015. 6:55 PM We're tracking Twitter in real time. When the movie began, #WeLovePoeDameron st

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AT&T 10:01 PM 85% Messages George Lucas Contact L want a new Star Wars character that children will lovel Uhh, ok J want him to be based on a slapstic


AT&T 3G 2:50 PM 97% Messages Colin Trevorrow Edit How about Chris Pratt? He's getting big after Guardians of the Galaxy. A comedy actor who played opp

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CRACKEDCON ...00 AT&T 9:41 AM 50 % Messages Mom Contact Today 8:32 AM CANNOT BELIEVE YOU FORGOT MY BIRTHDAY Oh god, I'm SO sorry Mom! You better make