27 Suggested Words And Phrases For Describing Modern Life

As old technology becomes useless and obsolete, so to do the words associated with them. That's why we asked our readers to come up with some new words to help us keep up with the ever-evolving tech world we have today.

So make sure you bone up on the following words. Or, you know, don't since we'll all be speaking only in emojis soon anyway.

Entry by Busteq

Leakcracy noun I W'lek-kra-se\ :a form of government in which hackers choose the leaders of a country by releasing evidence of certain candidates' ill

Entry by JarOCats

CRACKEDCONT shareshock (SHER' -shak ) The acute sensation of overwhelming horror and mortification experienced upon learning that your mom documented

Entry by rs1

Tapolexia An inability to understand how touch screen technology works Used in a sentence: 9 His severe tapolexia prevented him from understanding th

Entry by Hestutomo

CRACKEDcO Netsonality: a facade personality--on -one that differs from one's real life personality-- used by people when interacting online.

Entry by OlPiley

GIGAGOALIE UGHN VA One who is adept at intercepting falling electronic devices prior to impact or immersion

Entry by iduskull

NETFLIX Password Parasite (n.)-al an individual who only interacts with you in order to obtain your account information to avoid spending the small mo

Entry by Busteq

Golk: verb I'gok\ 8 to take (an animal) for a walk for the exclusive purpose of playiing reality augmented games outsideo Usually lasts two hours long

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

27 Suggested Words And Phrases For Describing Modern Life

Entry by Izz0101

Tech Sheep Noun INtek ipl One who wants to keep up with the latest tech gadgets that the flock has. CRACKED COM

Entry by jmagine

GRACKED CONT Notifi- catching (n.) Discovering that some notifications bubbles disappeared from his phone / computer, proving that someone else had a

Entry by Lunachick71

Crashole AAT -46 300 Mess PM (n) I krash hol 1 480 lor moo Walmsairt o dorchesten? an irresponsible aer thait. Sounds person who will good. Thanx On m

Entry by Izz0101

Shadow Browser Noun IV'ad OUs br'aeuszar\ One who views their smart device while their screen brightness is lowered for privacy. CRACKED COM

Entry by Busteq

BERSERKAR A term used to describe a self- driving car with a malfunction in its ethics software, overriding its program to always value the life of it

Entry by MrBadger

CRACKEDco Augist (n.) It comes from the words SOMs Augmented and Realist. A person who looks at reality through the augmented reality applications

Entry by rs1

CRACKED.CON Paleocord (n) An old, outdated computer cable. He kept a box of paleocords in the mistaken belief that they would one day be useful.

Entry by BRWombat

27 Suggested Words And Phrases For Describing Modern Life

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

GRAGKEDe CON THe Douche Wand (n.) The contraption people use to take photos of themselves instead of stretching out their own arms.

Entry by Izz0101

Screen Walker Noun I lskri:n 'wa:kal One who aimlessly wanders around while staring at their smART device screen like a mindless zombie.

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

Frontie That embarrassing image you take when you accidentally tap on your phone's front camera. A: Dammit, this is like the third frontie I have take

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

27 Suggested Words And Phrases For Describing Modern Life

Entry by iduskull

Choarder -person who insists their phone must be charging 24/7 regardless of the actual charge of their phone or the battery life of those around them

Entry by Jordan Rudow

CRACKEDCON Pavlov's smog noun 1. An atmosphere of notification sounds in public spaces that causes everyone in the crowd to instinctively reach for th

Entry by guydouglas

red-bubbling 2 9 verb 1. Purposefully not opening IM and texting apps to avoid giving the sender read receipts. Mike wants me to help him move, SO I'

Entry by BRWombat

snappre.hension snapra'hensHan/ 1. The fear that those racy pictures you sent via a disappearing message app did not actually self-destruct. CRACKED

Entry by jazbeck

27 Suggested Words And Phrases For Describing Modern Life

Entry by Ted E.

The PIZZA GRIP: Speaking into one's mobile phone while holding it flat/horizontal, giving the appearance of a person eating a slice of pizza. Typicall

Entry by Scott Laffey

ante snope noun An individual who shares or reposts polemic or tendentious stories or infographics, usually politically oriented, without first taking