10 Nonexistent Apps We'd Use Constantly

We live in an age where if you need an app to do something for you, it's probably out there. Except, well, no not entirely. Because it turns out for all the amazingly convenient apps out there, there's still a lot of holes that need to be filled.

(We're launching Kickstarters for all of these. Thanks for billion dollar ideas, suckers.)


X Dignified Exit X https://www.dignifiedexit.com dignified exit Because you deserve to be remembered for your best qualities. The Dignified Exit brace

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CAMPUS LABS INC. PRESENTS: Example output: - 25% whiskey, 75% the fruit juices. Fone - 22% vodka, 44% App orange soda, 30% water, trace Cocktail urine

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PYRA C https:/ /www. pyra mid PYR Email or Phone Password Log In Sign Up It's Easy. First name Last name It's Fun. Mobile number or email It Pays. Cre

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PUNCH-BID FAQ How does this work? You place a bid on a person, and that person has the chance to counter-bid. Whoever loses the bid gets punched in th


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CRACKED COM gohexem Wanna hex? x http://www.gohexem.com/ C Search search... Go xx gohexem Sign-up hexem Log in FAO We assembled the best and most cunn

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10 Nonexistent Apps We'd Use Constantly


CRACKEDCON spreadsh!tr Log in Sign up The social network that looks like you're working. A B 1 Christie1980 My boss is full of s#!t. L have to work ov

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10 Nonexistent Apps We'd Use Constantly