6 Website Error Messages That Would Save Time

Generally, the error messages you encounter online are bad news. And not the helpful variety of bad news either. In this week's mini-contest, we asked you to show us some error messages that would actually provide useful information. The winner is below, but first the runners up ...

Entry by CRACKED Staff

6 Website Error Messages That Would Save Time

Entry by Jack_Fast

123.123.454.345 facebook Saar Notifications Hawe you collected your FREE 20 XP on Farmville? Your orly avawbla todayi wophone) at tinternational Linve

Entry by Tim Babb

File Edit View History Bookmarks Tools Help C http://www.chatroulette.com/ Goog Chatroulette Alert Make sure you have enough self esteem to deal with

Entry by El_Vanja

6 Website Error Messages That Would Save Time

Entry by Scarin

Netscape Nefscape Nevieator F Wen Htory Baairariis Toehs Hale lirelsece Loond wtetare Gatr seted AOLOM Netscave BMPORTANT NOTICE. Netscape Browser Sup

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