16 Times Social Media Would've Changed The Course Of History

There is absolutely no denying that social media has changed the world. What started out as a means to show off all those totally awesome times you butt funneled in college has steamrolled into a sophisticated network that literally runs your life.

And that got us thinking: How would social media have impacted some of history's most important moments? Would have to bolstered them? Hindered progress? To find out, we tasked our readers with showing us those scenarios and gave cash-money to the winner ...

Entry by Perusse

CBS News GRAGKEDa CONT President John F. Kennedy has been shot by an unknown assailant. More information to come. Like Comment 3 minutes ago Richard M

Entry by tusk1113

KICKSTARTER Diseover Seart Search Projects Keep the New World French! by: N. Bonaparte 1 GYA New British lakes Hompshire Territory Verment Meine bseke

Entry by gingerninja90

16 Times Social Media Would've Changed The Course Of History

Entry by sixtyeight

Christopher Columbus August 3, 1492 L1 Arrivederchi, Italia. I'm-a gone West. to India. Thanks to Queen Isabella. Mi piace Commento Condividi Isabella

Entry by Jack Christie

Helen of Sparta In a Relationship with Paris of Troy Like Comment Menelaus of Sparta wtf Like C 1,000 Write a comment... CRACKEDCON

Entry by Jack Christie

Q Home Find Friends Notifications Settings Vlad the Impaler poked you. about a minute aqo See All CRACKEDcO CON

Entry by Dickjutsu

Harold King of England Godwinson I do believe that last barrage killed William! Excellent news! #Hastings A Like Comment : days ago Gyrth Godwinson

Entry by MaryLP

Paul Revere silverpaul Apr 16 The British are coming. Robert Newton @NorthchurchRN Apr 16 Osilverpaul By land or by sea? Ven conversation

Entry by Kevin King

Unknown Peasant ? @UnknownPeasant17 @Juliusaesa word on the street is that a few senators are out to get you. I'd skip that meeting tonight. #bewareth

Entry by mrlarry

officialabelincoln 1h dderickson officialabelincoln almost got the perfect #theatreselfie except this guy walked past and RUINED IT!!!!1 SO i had him

Entry by Ataxaos

16 Times Social Media Would've Changed The Course Of History

Entry by Kevin King

Ramses II + @RamsesDagod If get 10,000 retweets I'll let WMoses120 people go. #notfair 11:30am 1450BC 10.212 RETWEETS 890 FAVORITES CRACKEDOON

Entry by Bernie Seixas

Robert O'Neill About to invade Bin Laden's hideout... root for mel Like Comment 15 minutes ago te Mom and other 56 people like this. Pentagon You idio


Almighty Orson It might be the rum talking but this movie's gonna CHANGE HISTORY and take down the manl Unlike Comment May 20 at 8:17pm You like this.

Entry by Kittylouise

change.org Start apetition Brose Search  Log in t js Confirmed victory This petitian made change with 1,000, 666 supporters! Add a personal message (o

Entry by Mgloss

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