16 Lost Text Messages That Would Explain Everything

The world is full of mysteries that we'll probably never get the answers to. Of course, it's always fun to speculate. And hell, if that speculation becomes truth then we'll consider that a victory and give ourselves a big hug for it.

And we think our readers deserve hugs to -- so that's why we asked them to pitch in. Our readers put together some leaked texts that would answer, well, everything. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by Scipi0

EVIL 3G 6:56 PM mo.. Messages Akiva Goldsman Edit So heard you have a good idea for the fourth one? Yeah Joel, you're gonna love it! What's the idea?

Entry by Mikeytrondb

16 Lost Text Messages That Would Explain Everything


mI_- Verizon 3G 6:30 PM Messages Katy Perry Edit Now, for my big halftime show, make sure I have plenty of sharks. Got it! Damn autocorrect. l meant S

Entry by dezinerau

.0000 Telstra 7:35 am 2% Messages LNP Cabinet Contact 26 Jan 2015 7:03 AM Hey Tones, we'd all like a heads-up on who you're knitting this year. KNIGHT


16 Lost Text Messages That Would Explain Everything

Entry by kingcole225

AT&T 3G 4:20 PM Messages Stanley Kubrick Edit Again Again Again Again Again Again Again Oh sorry I thought that wasn't going through CRACKED CON

Entry by yennawae

AT&T 3G 4:20 PM Messages Kim Jong Edit Franco, you were right! L am rich! I know, buddy. Told you Americans would fall for it US dollars to destroy Am

Entry by Paka

ml_. ATT 3G 9:00 AM Messages Zekrbuvl Edit It is done. We are now overwhelmingly unvaccinated. Excellent Earthwoman Jenny. We arrive soon. And my rewa

Entry by igm3001

sl EMC2NET 3G 12:17 AM Messages Schrodinger Edit What did you do with my cat? You were supposed to keep him while I was away, and now he's gone. And y

Entry by Skunkrocker

#l.. ATT 3G 7:45 PM Messages Mark Edit So it's all set up, correct? Yes sir. Soon you and your associates at the NSA will have full details on every c


ml_ Sprint 3G 11:00 AM Messages Universal Pics Edit Good news, guys. The contracts for 47 Ronin are all signed. Filming starts next week with a budget

Entry by igm3001

16 Lost Text Messages That Would Explain Everything

Entry by MiaVaan

3G 9:30 miI_ 3G AM Messages S. Meyer Edit Steph, your Buffy fanfic was terrible. It's like they're completely different characters. So you're saying I

Entry by tesla777

al-- T-Mobil 3G 2:38 AM Messages Thomas DeLonge Edit Don't worry about the auditing. Just relax. Be open and honest to the auditor and everything will

Entry by SeaMan

AT&T 3G 2:22 AM Messages Malaysia Airlines Edit Alright. Everything is prepared. We're counting on you David Blaine, this is going to be your biggest

Entry by Fantastronaut

AT&T 3G 10:16 AM Messages The Prophet Edit Oh, God... do I really look like that? I think it's a nice picture. That's why I tagged you. I'm not that f