How We Really Spend Our Time: 13 Pie Graphs

Experts estimate that men spend 10 years of their lives working, three years of their lives going to the bathroom, and four years waiting in line, all of which are subject to fluctuate depending on where you prefer to masturbate.

We asked you to show us other activities that we might be spending more time than we think on. The winners are below, but first the runners up ...

Entry by Skinnymojo

How I spent my time as a Tier 1 support tech fault my wasn't that shit The Upsell! for (a.k.a., Would you like to spend some more money on this shitt


How We Really Spend Our Time: 13 Pie Graphs

Entry by TFB

My Time Spent on Facebook Stupid Status Updates Catching Up With People Adding Friends / Met Once Comparing Myself to the Douchebag Boyfriends the W


Time spent after an argument apologizing accepting defeat accepting victory thinking of clever things I should have said CRACKED.OM

Entry by walterscarff

Watching movie in 3D a Adjusting uncomfortable glasses Lifting glasses to rub eyes Peering over glasses to see what the movie looks like without them

Entry by bri.beek

Time spent playing Resident Evil l Having 1 bullet Having 2 bullets Limping Wishing you could just smash through doors Bad camera angles Praying next

Entry by eosforos

CRACKEDCOI Time spent by hippies smoking babbling singing sleeping washing

Entry by LucyVanPelt

Time spent by soccer players during a game Faking Injuries Actual Injuries Complaining to referees Passing the ball Running around aimlessly Goal! CRA

Entry by Bagelfish

Breakdown of Procrastination CRACKED COM

Entry by Csonny

Adolescence Spent Playing With Friends Toys Video Games Myself CRACKED.COM

Entry by Anyone

Breakdown of Time Spent on each Key while Typing on the Internet others 1% y u t b8% X 3% W 29% pin 29 gle 9% .cm 10% faok 11% CRACKED. HOM

Entry by HollywoodH17

Time Spent in Pop Culture 7% 1% 10% 23% 59% Being hammered Being hit, baby, once more Going by so slowly, only able to do SO much Slippin' (slippin' s

Entry by walterscarff

CRACKED.cOM Time spent with your tattoo deciding on tattoo enjoying tattoo regret