The 20 Most Disastrously Misunderstood Texts Possible

While we've made amazing strides in the realm of communication, a lot can still be lost when we don't talk face to face ... sometimes with disastrous results.

Our readers shows you what happens when you're left to figure out context and connotation on your own. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by pjyelton

_ XGEN 3G 9:14 AM Messages Oswald Edit So hey, we need you to come to Dallas today to shoot someone Really? Who? jfk! I mean j/k! Seriously though, we

Entry by AM Smiley

..000 AT&T 11:21 PM 50 % Messages Tom Hagen Contact have spoken with Fontane and he is unmoved. This is unfortunate. How shall I persuade him? This se

Entry by LilySprite

Bl.. Verizon 3G 1:15 AM Messages Jillian Edit I'm a little drunk right now and I know this is really impulsive... we've only been dating for a few wee

Entry by DrAllecon

mII_- ATT&T 3G 11:30 PM Messages Capt Smith Edit There's a nice berth dead ahead! We've made better time than I thought. Full steam ahead! No! nice be

Entry by AM Smiley

..000 Verizon 2:21 PM 60 % Messages Alice Contact So, are you busy tonight? I don't think so, what's up? was thinking yOu could come over and we could

Entry by igm3001

sl DownNet 3G 11:45 AM Messages Elizabeth Cotton Edit Charles Darwin, you might be a sinner, but you still have time! Accept Jesus into your life and

Entry by AM Smiley

..000 AT&T 10:33 AM 50 % Messages Scott Contact There's something L need to tell you. Your eyes love sheep? NO! lol. L love ewe. Get it? Nice try, she

Entry by MrWilson

AT&T 3G 10:15 AM Messnges Jim Edit Your daughter? How much for your daughter? What? How much for the little ones? Jim? YouR wife, how much? YoU perver

Entry by stung4ever

AT&T 3G 6:00 PM Messages Harry S Truman Edit Drop it I mean, don't go through with the bombing Hello??? GRACKEDCOM

Entry by AM Smiley

..000 Sprint 4:21 PM 60 % Messages Matt Contact Hey, I heard about you and Kelsey. Yeah, are you ok with it? Really, you want to punch me? Come and ge

Entry by MiaVaan

ml_- Telus 3G 9:00 AM Messages Jack Edit Hey, dude. Your sister came over last night. Really? How was she? Amazing. WHAT?! GRACKED COM

Entry by LilySprite

Verizon 3G 10:01 PM Messages Girlfriend Edit Hey baby, whatcha doing? Watching a movie What movie? I miss you, are you thinking of me ;) I think I lov

Entry by Danzy

JJones 3G 11:02 AM Messages Mom Edit I've got 900 members of my congregation coming over today. They're going to expect refreshments. What do do?!! Do

Entry by LilySprite

The 20 Most Disastrously Misunderstood Texts Possible


mI_. Verizon 3G 3:15 PM Messages Mikey Edit I missed the bus Ok. On my way. but I hit a person in drivers ed. At the ER. CRACKED.CON

Entry by AM Smiley

...00 Verizon 3G 3:46 PM 58 % Messages Bob Contact So proud of you You're my wife Your trophy wife? Whatl You deserve it baby Grr CRACKEDCON


mI_. Verizon 3G 8:30 AM Messages Dr. Smith's Office Edit Your test results are in. Dr. Smith would like to schedule an appt. Is everything ok? It woul

Entry by AM Smiley

..000 AT&AT 7:41 PM 50% Messages Luke Contact Lukel There you are. How did it go with Vader? Yes, I get it, hi. Wave, wave. Do we really have time for

Entry by MinorShan

7% 10:51 Dr. Bob D How is my patient doing? Mr. Bubbles won't stop squirming in my lap. R all puppies like this? Just put him down. That seems kinda d

Entry by elendirl

The 20 Most Disastrously Misunderstood Texts Possible