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If You Could Tell Companies One Thing About Their Products

It seems like the things that frustrate us the most about the products we use are the things that never change. It's as if the people making this stuff don't use it themselves. We go ahead and tell them that you're all thinking about their products.


24 Warning Labels That Must Exist in Movie Universes

It's strange that we never see warning labels in fictional universes, where death tends to be lurking around every corner. We show you the warning labels that movie characters must have ignored to get themselves into the trouble that makes movie plots happen.


24 Details That Would Make Video Games Too Realistic

After years of demanding more realistic games, we're at a point where realism is starting to get in the way.


27 Inspirational Images (Revised for Honesty)

Motivational sayings have been plastered on images in poster form for years. And now that anyone can type on images they found on Google Image Search, and your parents have figured out how to forward emails, they're apparently here to stay. We've revised them to be a little less full of crap ...


18 Sports That Are Way More Fun to Play in Space

Every sport is 'extreme' when it's in space. Take out gravity and replace it with rockets and you have a pretty badass version of ... well, really, anything.


24 Small Things You Don't Miss Until They're Gone

In a world where appearance is everything, it's amazing how vastly different the


23 Famous Movie Plots Easily Solved by Text Messages

It's hard to watch pre-2000 movies without thinking about how often the plots could have been solved in five minutes if everybody had just had cell phones. We asked you to show us how some of our favorite movies would've played out if the characters had modern mobile phones. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...