Cracked Photoplasty


23 Leaked Pics from the Phones of Fictional Characters

The leaked cellphone picture has become a mainstay of our desperate for shit to talk about media. We asked you to show us the unfortunate revelations we'd be privy to if cellphones were hacked in our favorite fictional universes.


18 Unfortunate Offspring of Cartoon Character Mating

Cartoon characters have children all the time, and they always look like more adorable versions of the parent. But with all the different anthropomorphic characters floating around, there are sure to be some genetic monstrosities.


17 Video Game Characters That Would Help With Real Problems

Video game characters tend to be specifically built for the game they appear in. We show you which characters could make the transition to solving real world problems.


What Inanimate Objects Are Thinking

Humans are never stupider than when we're lashing out at an inanimate object we failed to use correctly, or just stubbed our toe on. Thankfully, the objects are much better at holding their tongues. We asked you to show us the things they're thinking but don't say aloud.


19 Educational Cartoons That Would've Ruined Your Education

When teachers had a bad enough day or hangover, or had to teach a subject they'd meant to call in sick for (we're looking at you Sex Ed) they could always turn down the lights and outsource the lesson plan to animated educational videos. We asked you to show us some cartoons that would have been catastrophically bad substitute teachers.


21 Direct to DVD Rip-Offs of Hit Movies We'll See Next

Every hit movie spawns a ridiculous fake version that looks and is spelled like it was created by kindergarteners. We put our opposite-of-thinking caps on, and come up with some absurd rip-offs fake-Hollywood hasn't gotten around to yet.


19 Things College Students Suspect About the Real World

Some of the things college students will be most surprised to find missing from the real world when they get there.


The Creative Processes of Famous Filmmakers: Charted

Every filmmaker has their trademark styles, and pet themes. Usually we chalk this up to artistry, but sometimes it seems like they're just checking the same old playbook every time they make a movie.


27 Small But Disastrous Changes to Famous Video Games

Video games don't just go from the drawing board to your console without some bad ideas being edited out along the way.


25 Team-Ups in History That Would Have Changed Everything

Tesla and Mark Twain were homeys and Da Vinci and Machiavelli once worked together on a plot to steal a river. This got us wondering what other duos might have tag-teamed history if cost and the time-space continuum weren't an issue.


If The Real World Played by Disney Cartoon Rules

Most of us grew up in different school districts, but nearly all of us learned our first lessons about the real world from Disney cartoons. While not as cool to claim as the school of hard knocks, the school of Disney certainly left an impression.


19 Secret Inspirations for Famous Song Lyrics

There are plenty of song lyrics that make you wonder what the hell was going on in the room when they were written. We asked you to use the magic of image manipulation to show us.


23 Modern Images as Misunderstood by Future Archeologists

Napoleon's height was exactly average for his time. His enemies made up the short thing to make him look silly, and it stuck because he looked sort of small in a couple of paintings. This made us wonder how the images we leave behind will be misremembered.