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23 Small But Disastrous Changes to Famous Movies

You only need to look at what George Lucas did with 'Star Wars' movies when he was under the thumb of the studio (Episodes IV - VI) and when he was left to his own artistic vision (the prequels) to see that studio meddling can be a good thing. We asked you to show us some other bad ideas that we were saved from by last minute changes.


23 Unseen Backstories of Classic Video Games

Many of our favorite video games dropped us in the middle of complete madness and never bothered explaining what the hell was going on. We give you the back stories that explain some of the acid flashbacks we grew up playing inside.


21 Classes We Wish We Could Force People to Take

The world has changed pretty radically over the past twenty years, but we're still taking the same classes at the same ages as always. Some mandatory classes that would make everyday life suck less.


21 Less Famous Siblings of Great Fictional Characters

Whether it's Ozzie Canseco, Roger Clinton or Tito Jackson's weird little brother, celebrities can always count on their siblings to hang out in the bottom rungs of fame doing a vastly more embarrassing version of whatever they're known for. A look at the fictional character equivalent.


If Famous Pictures Were Turned Into Propaganda Posters

It's been a long time since propaganda posters were at their most popular. Thousands of brilliant photographs have been snapped since then that never got the chance to be put to the service of corrupt power. Until now ...


20 Terrifying Theories About How They Make Famous Products

After you hear enough stories of sweat shops and creepy chicken farms, your imagination starts to come up with creatively gruesome origins for every product, which is exactly why we like your imagination.


19 Video Game Background Characters: Where Are They Now?

There are a few iconic leading men and women in video games, but for the most part, their worlds are populated by extras. People and anthropomorphic objects whose job is to do the same thing over and over again. Which made us wonder what those characters are up to these days.


Everyday Life If One Crime Were Suddenly Legal

If you've been to certain cities in California lately, you know that repealing a single law can change things fast (or you will know that as soon as you're no longer high from the clouds of pot smoke you were swimming through). What the world might look like if other laws were suddenly legal.


24 Nightmares of Famous Fictional Characters

You can tell a lot about a person by whose name they're shouting when they wake up drenched in their own urine. But unless they're getting disemboweled by Freddy Krueger or in a Christopher Nolan film, we rarely get to look at what evil lurks in the wetmares of famous fictional characters. Until now.


23 Tiny Changes That Would've Turned Good Ideas to Disasters

Good ideas seem like foregone conclusions after the fact. Coca-Cola has been around for so long, we never stop to think how switching a few words around at the pitch stage could have turned it into sugar infused brown cocaine. Some other great ideas that were one tiny tweak away from being disasters.


If Video Game Characters Found More Practical Solutions

Video games often make you shoot your way through miles of deadly enemies in order to find the key to unlock the door you could have easily shot open in the first place. A look at the easy solutions that would solve video game problems in minutes.